FYI:- Dirt (Fougère) Artisan Shave Soap - SEASONAL - Crown King Formula

Discussion started by SpeedyPC, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. SpeedyPC

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    G'day P&C

    Has anybody tried this shaving soap called Dirt (Fougère) Artisan Shave Soap - SEASONAL - Crown King Formula.

    Supposed to smells just like rich wet rooty fertile soil, just turned with a shovel.

    Link:- click here

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  2. pvsampson

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    This actually surprises me a little,(which is surprising in itself as I am not often surprised by humanity these days).One would assume that shaving scents would be associated with "clean",yet here is an offering of dirt.I suppose that for some people that have always lived in a city,this scent would be a rarity.
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  3. Monsta_AU

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    I sniffed a prior version. Does what it says on the tin, I picked up some component scents at the time - I want to say one was lavender. That's got to be 3-4 years ago now however.
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  4. pvsampson

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    I was just browsing and saw that this soap is available at TSW.

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