Hello and good day from a new one in California.


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Apr 26, 2011
Welcome mate

So tell us a little about your kit?
Nov 1, 2018
Calif. USA

Thanks for all the welcomes :)
Guess I'll try and answer a couple of your questions.

I am living in Northern CA, a couple of hours north of "The City" or San Francisco as one sees fit to call it. ;-)

As far as kit goes, well it just keeps growing. I have been DE shaving for about three months now and have tried three razors. A Merkur 34C, Parker Variant and for now a Supply Co. SE. SO far I know the Merkur is a keeper. I think I'lll give a go at the Rockwell 6s and see where that leads me.

Mysteriously, I have already managed to acquire what seems to be a lifetime supply of soaps.. It's just too easy.

For now I have been using a couple of different synthetic brushes and am thinking about a badger, maybe.

One of the only disadvantages, I have experienced so far with DE shaving, is that I only do it once a day, and if I need to repeat something 10,000 times, to learn and perfect it, the road ahead is a long one. :LOL:

Best to all.