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Discussion started by Avoca, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Hi everyone

    I’m a recent convert back to DE shaving. Glad i could join the forum.

    I’m here because I've failed in my quest. Let me explain: For most of my life I have had absolutely no interest in shaving. Zero. I began as a DE shaver because carts weren’t even invented when I first started shaving. My experience back then was watching my father use his straight razor or his Rolls Razor, for those who don’t know, a Rolls is sort of like a very savage safety razor but the blade is not disposable. I remember the clack clack clack sound when he stropped the blade in it's little silver box. (I still have this Rolls razor). By the time I started shaving my father had switched to DE’s. I vaguely remember that later both of us switched form DE's to electric shavers around the same time. I had a Phillips that if you missed a day shaving would tear the longer whiskers out in neat little bloody circles. Sometimes it looked like I had ringworm. In recent years I shaved with whatever carts my wife bought home when she went grocery shopping. I didn’t care, all the same to me, I would shave with anything.

    Anyway, not so long ago my wife bought home some particularly nasty disposable carts. Oh the pain! That finally got my attention. I decided that in future I would only shave with good quality razors So what was the best? According to “experts” the Gillette fusion of course. The Fusion looked unwieldily to me, did you really need all those blades? and $5 a cart, really? Gillette had finally gone to far with its push for more profit. I don’t know where I got the idea of going back to DE shaving but suddenly it looked like a great proposition. With internet shopping the whole world of razors and blades are available. The plan: A) Keep using my Nivea shave foam B) Buy one DE razor an adjustable so I would never need to buy another razor, C) test out a few blades, then buy cheaply in bulk. Problem solved. What could possibly go wrong with this strategy?

    Well having read this far you all know the truth by now. I have failed miserably in my quest for economy and simplicity. In a short time I have aquired a few razors, around two hundred blades (with more on the way) and enough soaps to last about 2 or 3 years. I will use up this supply in time so that’s not the problem, the issue is I still look for more. I know some of you who are further down the path than me will laugh at my modest collection but I think I can exercise some control at this early stage, I really do. Maybe if I join up with others it will help. Now I am no fool, though, I know that you guys aren’t even going to try to help me, In fact your going to undermine my efforts … “try this blade, this cream is great, you have to get some blah blah blah.” But maybe if I can at least talk about shaving with like minded people I can stop buying more and more shaving stuff…maybe...

    Seriously, the thing is, all these years I have been a shaving zombie, completing a necessary routine task as quickly as possible with minimum effort, no thought regarding process or outcome, a task that once completed was immediately forgotten. But now for example, when I woke up this morning the first thing on my mind was this: the new Rapira blade I used yesterday felt just a bit rough at first, but the second shave was great, is it really better than the Astra SP’s, or is that because my technique has improved? Now with my third test shave with this blade should I try my new Italian Barber Fresco Verde soap or should I - for the sake of consistency- be strong and stay with the tub of Proraso Green Tea and Oatmeal (sounds more like breakfast than a shave soap) that I have been using this last week. My dear wife, who loves all things “natural for sensitive skin” bought me two tubs of this soap so I should be using it at every opportunity - it's very good!. I might add that I only bought the Fresco Verdi because it was on special and I wanted to get to the postage free threshold on Beard and Blade. Thats' the way it works, spend extra to save a little. I didn't yet need more soap but I wanted it.

    So now, each morning instead of a task to complete I have something to look forward to, often a question to try to answer, a pleasant ritual to perform. I’m relaxed and enjoying 15 minutes, It's worth every dollar spent and of course I’m having the closest and most comfortable shaves of my life. I
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    Welcome @Avoca . That story sounds familiar. I think I'm a reformed shaving zombie too.
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  3. Mark1966

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    Great opening post @Avoca and as @Sticky said - a very familiar story!

    If you poke around there may be a PIF for newbies stick open - or a travelling box you might want to hop onboard with.

    Happy shaving mate!
  4. RustyBlade

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    @Avoca great first post and your story touched me when you used to hear your father stropping the rolls. Instantly reminded me of my grandfather as he would strop his straight razor out in the detached laundry.
    Also think to date I'm over a couple of grand and have enough soap & razors to supply a village, at least we'll all smell nice.
    It has been that fun 15mins of what to use and enjoy that has helped me get out of bed this winter.
    Again welcome aboard and feel free to throw your knowledge and opinions at us as that is what we enjoy the most being here on this forum. As well as seeing all that shiny stuff that makes us jealous on the SOTDs ;)
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    G'day @Avoca welcome to P&C :)(y);)
  6. alfredus

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    Welcome to P&C @Avoca - great to have you here - and please don't forget the amounts of money you could "save" on brushes :D :D :D
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  7. Snooze

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    Welcome to the forum @Avoca ! You are indeed among friends here - we have all travelled the path you describe to a greater or lesser extent. Its all about enjoying the journey!:)
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  8. Ross

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    Very familiar story here to ,i my let my partner read your story to gain some understanding of what wet shaving is about .All i seem to hear is your obsessed , how many razors do you need ,more soap and ect this coming from a woman that has a large pencile case full of eyeliner penciles and three draws full of make up , ill deny this post and clam i was hacked if she reads this . But yes i dived into that rabbit hole too.
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    Ha !! If my wife was aware of the extent of my already growing interest she would also have some negative comments. I can hear her now "what you joined a forum on what? shaving? your kidding" Lucky for me we have seperate bathrooms where I have space to indulge in my new hobby. But her bathroom ... well it's smelt like a Lush shop for many years. In fact she often smells like a Lush shop, she can't get enough of it. If ever I'm in the dog house it's an easy fix, just buy some more Lush or maybe some body butter fom the Body shop. I know Lush scents are too overpowering for some men but fortunatly I don't mind.
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  10. Benjamin

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    Welcome @Avoca , sounds like you've definately come to the right place. ;)
  11. Director

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    Welcome Avoca, only been into this a few weeks myself and have to redesign the bathroom to fit all my acquisitions. Must stop now for a while. No, really, I will...
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  12. todras

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    Welcome to the forum @Avoca :)
  13. Dale.Whiley

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