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Discussion started by GeissT, Mar 14, 2018.

  1. GeissT

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    Hi all, I recently took up wet shaving after years of shaving with cartridge razors. Keen to chat with you all and enjoy the good vibes!

    Currently rocking a Merkur 1904 for a daily unit and have started dabbling with a cheapo shavette that I'm also really enjoying!

    Cheers, Todd
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  2. todras

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  4. bald as

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  5. Scotty

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  6. Snooze

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    Hey Todd, welcome to P&C - lots of great info here to assist your wet shaving addiction... soap, blades, brushes, splashes...(y)
  7. Mark1966

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    Welcome @GeissT !

    Lots of Adelaide based shavers on board here. Ask your questions, make your comments, feel right at home!
  8. LukehGee

    LukehGee Member

    Welcome @GeissT

    I don't think I have the guts to try a shavette! They look like you need a damn steady hand
  9. Kaeckerut

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    Welcome @GeissT . Do you have any cool software to make us envious? :)
  10. Korbz

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  11. SpeedyPC

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  12. RustyBlade

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    Welcome aboard @GeissT, you'll find a shavette fan here and there.
  13. nsavage

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    Welcome to the forum @GeissT

    The Adelaide group is great and we catch up regularly. Hopefully you can make it to one of our catch ups.
  14. alfredus

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    Welcome to P&C @GeissT - great to have you here and as the others already mentioned, it would be great to see you at one of our meet-ups (y)
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  15. GeissT

    GeissT Member

    Thanks guys! Appreciate the warm welcome! I haven't got much as far as soaps go with just a bay rum and Stray Whisker Afterbalm at the moment but I'm sure that'll change!

    Didn't know there were meetups too, that's awesome! I'll definitely try and make it along!
  16. pvsampson

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    Welcome to the forum.
  17. mark123abc0

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    Welcome to the house of fun!
  18. Dale.Whiley

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