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Discussion started by patchwork, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Welcome from another Perthite
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    Another sandgroper here - welcome!

    I own a Rockwell 6S. I would recommend it if:
    - The asking price is within your comfort zone
    - You want a "buy once, cry once" razor - a stainless razor is a lifetime purchase and this razor has cured me of the desire to buy or try any more razors
    - You aren't likely to continue to try other razors (a 6S has most of the aggressiveness spectrum covered with its different plates although plate 6 isn't as aggressive as some razors). If you want to try a lot of different razors (open and closed comb, single edge, straight etc) then do that first with cheaper ones to work out what you like.

    If you do buy a Rockwell, then I suggest starting on the lower plates (I start all my blades on plate 2 before increasing the aggressiveness as the blades wear in) to reduce the risk of harm. It's pretty difficult (though not impossible!) to hurt yourself on plate 2, even for a newbie. As you find the angle and improve your technique then you can go up to the higher plates, otherwise I find I stop getting close shaves after the first couple on that plate. As it is, even after a year of doing this, starting off a new blade with a high plate is a recipe for at least some damage, unless I'm concentrating on flawless technique (I just haven't got the patience for that long term). So just start on a lower plate and transition to the higher plates as the blade wears in. I get 10+ excellent BBS shaves per blade with no damage from this technique. There is enough variation just in trying new blades to keep you occupied for a few years...

    As for brushes, I'm a boar fan and the king of boars for me is the Omega 48. You can treat it like you stole it and it's also a screaming bargain for newbies who want to dip their toes. But a synth is also a good beginning option and there are so many good ones out there. If you get a boar, you just have to make sure you shampoo it when it arrives and soak it in water for a few minutes before you shave (they absorb water and soften up in the process - if started dry I find them too stiff and absorb lather instead).

    Hope this helps!
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    Welcome @patchwork - you've got a fun couple of weeks ahead!
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    Welcome mate.
    You are now on a steep slippery slope leading into a rabbit hole that these guys are happy to help shove you down!
    Just ask about Rubies, Nacets, GSB's and you will see what I mean.
    Personally I'd buy a nice Gilette NEW, or a Fatboy/Slim then never want another razor ever.
    But don't ask me as I went out and bought a Mamba anyway just 'cos I could.
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    Welcome buddy, I’m down mandurah way!
    I would highly recommend the Rockwell 6C. It gets plenty air time on my YouTube channel! And it’s way cheaper than the 6s.
    It’s still got a great weight to it and shaves like a dream!
    The great thing is rather than opting for a non adjustable razor you can find the setting that works best for you.

    Cheers bud,

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  7. todras

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    So hows that M&F brush going anyway :D
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    I’m on a roll mate! 2 shaves in a row with no hair loss! I lost 1 in between the shaves! But it’s a breakthrough! Need to get to 10 shaves before I get too excited
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