How did you decide on your current blades?


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Aug 23, 2012
Tried over 40 blades and whilst I liked a few of them, I wasn't getting on with any razor, until I got the merkur progress!!

With the progress, I was using GSB, Indian blacks and Indian greens with good results and I was happy...

Then one day in 2014, I tried a Polsilver for the first time and just loved it!

I got rid of my large stash of other blades and started accumulating the Polsilver.

Since then, I've used the Polsilver exclusively and couldn't be happier :)
Jan 19, 2018
I haven't tried enough blades to really have made a decision on what works best.I know I don't like the Wilkinsons I have,or the Lords,Voskhods and Sharks.Nacets work ok and Polsilvers just seem to love my face.Going to try Feather,Treet,Derby and a couple of other brands I have that were sent as samples to see if I can find another brand I like so I can have a supply of three to choose from.