how many shaves to one DE blade?


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Aug 23, 2012
Agree that skin care is an important factor here.(y)
That's why I believe artisan shave soaps are superior as they are more likely to contain high quality natural oils and butters which help nourish the skin. As I've mentioned before, my father in law started using my shave soaps some time back and commented that with 2 weeks he noticed a definite improvement in his skin, which took me totally by surprise given he is in his eighties. So whilst not attempting to divert the thread to Arko (and I'm reluctant to go there given someone starts messing with my tag line:LOL:), I think it is a good example. Yeah sure it performs fine, I don't mind using it, but it's never going to be a long term proposition as it just doesn't nourish the skin.
I've noticed that since using Jojoba oil and occasionally a tallow based ointment on my face, I'm not having what appeared to be the beginnings of skin cancers.
Interesting to see a Draco Noir thread revived this morning where he was discussing the benefits of Emu oil. A lot of research is supporting that inflammation in the body supports the beginnings of cancer. Whilst emu oil is applied externally, it can certainly help to alleviate some symptoms of inflammation.
Might have to play with emu oil in my soaps a bit more.
Yeah, I remember ads for an arthritis cream back in the 90's (I think) which contained emu oil. The links to being anti-inflammatory are strong.

I agree about good soaps. They are better than any other shaving medium.
In the harsh winter, unfortunately not only soaps failed me but even straight up nourishing oils too...until I stated using the oil with water mixed in. I know they don't mix but I guess the skin does it's own chemistry with the combination.

Your tallow lotion sounds like just the right thing for the harsh winters!

I can see the snow on the mountain tops from my balcony this morning and for the past 3 days...I'm certain I wouldn't have been able to shave at all without the current skin nourishing routine!

15 shaves down on the Polsilver! :D:cool:

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Dec 4, 2017
The below is based on a 3 pass shave. The razors include : Gillette New long comb and a Parker 98R . My beard is quite tough but not overly dense. I would normally shave every second day. My cut off is anything less than a DFS.
Find myself applying too much pressure when I can't achieve this with 3 passes. I don't try and achieve a maximum number of shaves per blade. I just use it until it doesn't feel right any more. Subjective, I know but that is what it is.

The leader for shaves per blade : Gillette Black 7 O'clock with 6 shaves.
Second place : Polsilvers Super Iridium with a very consistent 5 shaves
Third is a three way tie: All Gillette Platinum/Silver Blue and Nacet with 4 shaves.

I have not had the opportunity to use any vintage blades yet.
I have used a fair smattering of modern blades : Feathers, Lords, Astras, Rapiras, Ladpas, Bic, Derby and Voskhod. I will keep trying different blades but at the moment very happy with the 7 O'clock Blacks.

For head shaves it is a different story.

@Razor Burn , 23 shaves out of a Derby..... I tip my hat, your an animal. Has your face forgiven you yet.
After the first week my shaves became very smooth but inefficient, especially for my corse beard. Not something I'd recommend but an interesting experiment none the less (y)
Jan 22, 2019
My shaves are usually two passes and mild touch up's under the jawline. For me personally it's 3 shaves and in the bin. Out of all the shaving accoutrements on offer blades are the cheapest to buy so I'm not gonna risk a poor shave by pushing one to it's limits. 3 and bin.


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Jan 25, 2012
Must admit I've been a bit lazy with my shaving this year, but I'm still on a blade I started near the end of December.
The only reason I realise this is because I usually celebrate my first shave of the new year with a Personna 74 blade (one of, if not the best regarded blades ever), and that other blade was still fresh so I didn't get to use the Personna this year.
At least it means I have two more years of Personna 74's to start the year with.