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    Hey all,
    I've been DE shaving for years but only recently gotten 'ok' at it- mostly due to poor lather. Hopefully I can learn to make it more consistently good, but also learn about locally made soaps/creams (without breaking my limited budget!). Usually nowadays I'm using a Schick Krona or a RazorRock 6c, a Yaqi brush (thanks to feedback from members here) and Poraso soap (props to Mediterranean Wholesalers in Brunswick, Melbourne for their good Poraso pricing, convenience and improved coffee). Also recently interested in trying out a Gem/Ever-Ready single edge (hah, which one? I count at least 9 types). Cheers!
  2. Mark1966

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    Welcome mate!

    There are some lather masters here who I'm sure will be along soon :)
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    Welcome @xdbx!
    I highly recommend the local (Aussie) artisans. They are exceptional.
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  6. alfredus

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    Welcome to P&C @xdbx - great to have you here (y)
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    G’day @xdbx welcome to P&C :happy:
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    Hi there @xdbx and enjoy!
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    G'day @xdbx. Welcome to P&C.
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    Welcome. I shop there as well.
  12. Ferret619

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    +1 on the local stuff - welcome @xdbx :)
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    Hello and welcome to P&C @xdbx....
    Always good to have another Melbournian Wet Shaver around....
  15. xdbx

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    Thanks people! Might also be a good idea if I don't run out of time like usual, leaving only 10mins to shave.....hmmm. Just bought a Gem single edge, early one, a 1912 or similar; might try for a Micromatic Open Comb later. Now I need blades.
  16. Snooze

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    Welcome @xdbx - pretty sure you will like the GEM SE razors - blades are easily available fromConnaught Shaving in UK or shoot me a pm and I will pop some in the post to you :)
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    Welcome to the forums @xdbx :)
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    Welcome to the forum.On to single edges already,next will be straights.

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