I shaved with a 40 year old razor blade today

Jan 19, 2019
Wagga Wagga
40 year old wilkinson sword, shaved as smooth as the new ones I have.

Maybe blades this old are common place to some but my mother in law just had to clear out her 97 year old mothers house and her father passed away 38 years ago. They founs these blades and thought of me. It was very cool to use something from so long ago and to see it was still such good quality.

I usually shave my head but couldn't shave it due to having an injury on my head so I shaved my neck which is always the most sensitive. I did one pass with and one against he grain. I got no irritation and a very close shave, same as the new blades, I usually do 2 with and one against so I think it's safe to say quality is at least the same.

Sep 9, 2018
My personal experience has been mixed. Gillette Spoilers and Vintage Rubies have been almost supernatural in their combination of efficiency, smoothness and longevity. 👍🏾
However I haven't been as impressed with vintage blades from Schick, Wilkinson Sword and London Bridge. YMMV of course.