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Discussion started by drwevil, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. drwevil

    drwevil Member

    I am on iinet cable which is horrendously fast 150meg...... except for the mensbiz website, its unusable for me. i have tried connecting directly to the cable modem but its the same.
    However on Telstra or whatever the network is at work is really fast.... so I have to hot spot my phone or use works net connection when i want to order stuff.

    For those of you on iinet how well does work for you?

    They are great guys at Mensbiz and i get most of what I need from them if they have it and their free shipping limit is $20 and shipping is ultra fast....(y)
    I want to feed back to mensbiz so they can contact iinet... if your having issues too we should as well.
  2. No probs here, IINET as well. An honest 5mb a sec, 150, holy scag sacks.
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  3. Substance

    Substance Member

    Mensbiz has Decent prices and quick delivery
    Have purchased many items over the last few years with out a problem
    great service every time
    Looking for iiNet now lol
  4. Drubbing

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    works fine for me, and I'm on iinet's sluggy ADSL2
  5. Tony Forsyth

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    Working fine for me (Optus Cable) but I do remember being on this site a couple of times before and left because it was very very slow. So might be more to do with their hosting server being under load or something.
  6. drwevil

    drwevil Member

    it might be my network... I have a friend on the same node on the iinet cable network as I am.. I will ask him..
    Its really weird every other website is blisteringly fast. I heard elsewhere that for someone Mensbiz site was slow and they were on iinet. Which is why I asked here.
    Trace routes and pings seem fine...

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