Just recieved my Karve razor


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Aug 23, 2012
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Step on up. Very much look forward to anyone's views and reviews on razors and associated equipment.

The choice is with the OP but the community would always appreciate more views and reviews.


Jun 24, 2018
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C-OC for the daily driver. D-OC for the 2 and three day growth. Will put the D-OC to the test this arvo, 4.5 days since the last shave. I do have the SB in B,C and D but tend to gravitate to the OCs'. Don't see a need to go higher at the moment but as my technique improves maybe I will.
May 21, 2017
I like the OC C plate as a daily driver. If I have a few days growth then the OC E or SB F plate come out to play. None of my other razors get a look in since getting the Karve.

Apparently the new stainless steel razor is going to be the same design as the current CB razor so I've no interest in getting the exact same razor just in stainless over brass. Not like the brass isn't going to last or anything. When Karve release a new razor design, I may consider getting that in stainless steel if available.

#1 DE for me just on value and shaves it provides!
Couldn't agree more @Razor Burn (y)