Looking for 2 brushes

Discussion started by glenos, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. glenos

    glenos Member 2018 Sabbatical 2015 Sabbatical

    I cannot stop you.

    The funny thing is despite the unimpressed look, the blonde one hasn't put the synth down. He, his sister, and mum keep fidgetting with them.
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  2. eggbert

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    I thought dad told us lying was not OK?
  3. lerenau

    lerenau ...is a cheeky monkey 2018 Charity Auction Winner

    "How am I supposed to brush my hair with this?"
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  4. Ross

    Ross Member

    "Gee thanks dad just what i wanted a shave brush"
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  5. Nico

    Nico Member 2018 Charity Auction Winner

    "How are we supposed to paint the wall with these dad"
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