Luck or just unbeleivable skill?


...was Drubbing's first. AKA Captain Tightarse
Aug 22, 2011
Mt Druitt Western Sydney
So far in my wanderings through the wet shaving world I have yet to find a combination that hasn't worked.

have used Razor sent by mens Biz (type unkown)
Single edge razor
My new fatboy

Blades Derby Gillette Blue single edge blades and some unkown that the fine Mr Drubbing passed on.

Creams and soaps - Proraso, Erasmic, Bluebeards revenge, various samplers sent by various people

Brushes The mens Biz unkown, Omega traveler Badger, the new Chinese badger.

Of course I haven't been all that scientific about this and cannot guarantee that I have used all combinations, but as a rule I tend to just grab whatever has been left closest to hand - wet the brush wet the face apply the cream or soap wet the razor and away we go. No cuts no rashes no lumps . having read the posts of people having problems with this soap or that blade I guess I am just lucky (so far).