Menthol - does it ring your bell??

Discussion started by bald as, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. bald as

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    Stupid title I know :)

    So tell me why do you like mentholated shave creams or soaps?

    What are your experiences, good or bad?

  2. todras

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    The light menthol content in Santa Maria Novella and Acqua Di Palma due to their fragrance design (Citrus/Eucalyptus) works very well.

    I know some people like menthol in everything, for me personally I definitely do not.

    You could do a soap and call it 'Mental Menthol Myrtle', with a menthol content that is bastard strong :D
  3. Sxot

    Sxot Member

    Just wanted to beat @SpeedyPC to posting this;


    It's on my radar (a mentholated lemon myrtle - not the name) to match the hyper mentolated Monsta Myrtle Splash! I used the Washpool Farms/APR Monsta Mrytle today with the matching splash. It really needs a menthol soap and so it shall, for me anyway. Sorry folks.

    I do like menthol, yes, but not in everything nor everyday. Why do I like menthol? Well, picture this; It's 6am and you've just stepped out of a shower. You only used the cold tap but the water still comes out quite warm. You have towelled dry and thrown on a pair of shorts on for the shave. These are your work pants, but since you wear slacks to work, you run with shorts for now. Looking into the mirror you can see sweat beads beginning to form on your forehead, on your back too. Those on your back are starting to get large enough to join together and roll down your back soaking the top of your shorts. This is why you've left the slacks off for now. You know that by the end of the shave, you'll be that sweaty you might as well have another shower, but you don't. The answer is a quick second towel down before putting your work clothes on and heading out for the day. There is some relief in here though. As you open your soap drawer you look in and without even thinking, grab your favourite mentholated soap and splash. Your face feels nice and cool, for a bit. Then you step-out side. That night, you lay on your bed. It's still hot and the sheets feel clammy. You reach into the side table drawer and pull out a bottle of moisturiser, mentholated. After applying you lay back, eyes closed, thanking God for menthol and the heavenly coolth it provides.... for a few minutes anyway.

    No bad experiences with Menthol except when there is not enough of it.. it's all good. Sometimes I like a little, some times a lot. I'm loving TSW after balm of late with it's slight menth hit. The only down side is it does do nasty things to perfume though so you can't have your cake and eat it to in that sense.
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  4. jmu8628

    jmu8628 Member

    I like it in small doses.
    Soap Commander Integriy A.S Balm has a good amount in it. Not too strong but you can definitely feel it's there.
    Proraso pre-shave (green) on the other hand is a bit on the strong side. Can make the eyes water if I use too much.
  5. walklikeaduck

    walklikeaduck Member

    Depends on the weather for me; lightly mentholated cream like EWJ is good for warm days, but i tend to go for the freeze-your-face of soap like B&M Arctique on hotter days.
  6. eggbert

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    This is why I shave in the shower.

    Pretty much the same reasoning as @Sxot too. It's just nice to feel a little respite from the excessive heat and humidity for a few short minutes.

    I see you mention that it does nasty things to perfumes - by that do you also include the perfume (or scents) within a soap, and is that why there are only a few high menthol out there? Nearly everything is minty or citrusy, there are few other choices which is a bit of a disappointment, and why I occasionally crack open a different soap to get some else.
  7. Sxot

    Sxot Member

    I am not the expert on this matter, but yes, it negatively affects the scent in the product itself. Citrus is strong and tart enough to not be bullied by the menthol too much. Citrus is also summary, and so goes with the season of menthol so there is that too.
  8. Sxot

    Sxot Member

    B&M's "First Snow" is a great example of an off season mentholated soap. It's only light I grant you but the idea of invoking the bush in the first snow of the season is brought out very well with the menthol. Here I enjoy the menthol for the place it takes me, not the cooling effect as such.
  9. RazorPlay

    RazorPlay Member

    Just to note that menthol doesn't actually cool you down - it just gives you a cooling sensation. The reverse to using chillis for the feeling of heat, which don't actually warm you up at all. Perhaps someone should try a "chilli" soap for winter - just don't use it on any sensitive bits!

    I like the menthol level in Proraso Green for a change and find the combo with Eucalyptus Oil to be a match made in heaven. No way could I put up with it every day though and I'm definitely not looking for a face freeze. In the same vein, I like a good curry but not when it makes me cry...
  10. Rami

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    My eyes!
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  11. nsavage

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    I like a good menthol soap. I don;t use mentholated soaps everyday but could happily do so. I like a variety in terms of the amount of menthol in the soap. Some days I want something really strong and other days I am looking for a mild menthol hit.
  12. Adam

    Adam Member

    I like the lightly mentholated soaps depending on the scent. I see a lot that I don't think match up.

    Never tried a face freezer but I'm dying to try one.
  13. borked

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    Menthol is my bell!
    I add it to shower gels, seek shave soaps high in it's content for summer and low content for off season months, add it to my cheaper after shaves like Alpa and in the height of summer, have been known to suck upon food grade crystals.
    My understanding is not as advanced as other members here, yet I appreciate that it does alter their accord, yet it can be for the better if you experiment to ensure it's done to compliment.
    My experience is it generally opens up a warmer range of notes, with that cooling sensation :)
    Experimentation IS the key here though.
  14. Itsonlyblood

    Itsonlyblood Member

    I purchased a sample of Cryogen in my last Maggards order. I didn't hate it but it was certainly different. Crying and sliding a razor sharp piece of metal across my face was definitely an experience. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I buy a full size tub? Yes. But i tend to gravitate towards extremes usually out of plain old morbid curiousity.
  15. Robbo14

    Robbo14 Member

    Just got mine from Maggards too. My face is now used to the Menthol, I want more now...
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  16. Batch300

    Batch300 Member

    I have a tub of Kent Skin Conditioning Shave Cream. Nice scent and obviously contains Menthol. A favorite but more of a weekly usage as opposed to daily. Some would prefer and really enjoy in warm weather.
  17. SpeedyPC

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    Keep this evil voodoo curse of menthol away from me because I'm allergic to this evil voodoo Da Menth Heads, and this does ring a bell so loud as hell.
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