Merkur 34C


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Mar 2, 2015
I find it very mild.
This demonstrates how hardware and software affects people differently.
It was until recently my daily shaver.
Also look at the Edwin Jagger de 89 but apparently not the 3 one 6 which is the ss equivalent
With mild razors you can up the aggression level by using sharper blades..
Feb 13, 2011
DE89 is definitely a step milder/smoother than the 34C.
For pure usability, I prefer an old Gillette Tech - I've no idea what sort of Tech I have at home, but it's wonderfully smooth, efficient enough to use every other day (shave for NBBS one day, exfoliate & cleanse the following day. Repeat.)
The other option is to get an adjustable, such as a Merkur Progress, Parker Variant or old Gillette Slim/Fatboy. Dial it in as you desire day to day.

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Dec 4, 2017
The Merkur 34C shaves on par with the DE89 and RazoRock Mamba V1 - super smooth, mid aggressive and mildly efficient. I sold my DE89 as I prefer the shorter handle on the 34C and for me its the go to DE if I'm chasing a quick DFS :)

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Mar 25, 2017
My face copes far FAR better with a Rockwell 6c on plate #5, or a Colonial General than a Merkur 34c.

I don't know what it is about the 34c. Everyone raves about how mild and reliable it is.
But, it just never worked for me. I must have used it about 100 times with what I would now call 'mediocre at best' results.
It was my first DE and very nearly my last.

If I could do it all again I'd start with a Gillette Tech or a Rockwell 6c. (get a 2c if budget is an issue)

Obviously I'm in the minority in having troubles with the 34c. It is solidly built. It's just not for me.
Oct 5, 2016
I'm using this head on a 1904 handle a lot lately. It is mild by my definitions though. It only works with sharp blades. In my case, Personna Lab Blues work well and they are blades that just don't work well in any of my other razors. I've worked out I do well with a mild blade in an aggressive razor or a sharp blade in a mild razor. For truly mindless shaving, the latter part of that spectrum is probably the best.

I can also get great results with a sharp blade / aggressive razor combo but it just takes more care and time, with little tolerance for mistakes. When I want that experience, I reach for my DX Artist Club and a fresh Feather Super Pro! - it certainly delivers on that front! Not the best choice if you're in a rush or hung over!


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Apr 28, 2012
Hobart, TAS
I found it pretty good just enough bite. Similar of not the same as a DE89, actually maybe I had a 33C. Tried an old Gillette adjustable thing and didn't rate it as well as the DE89.

I have a Merkur Barber Pole in the drawer maybe I should pull it out.


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Jan 19, 2016
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@David7307 FYI, Remember YMMV depending on your skin and the type of stubble.

From a very mild aggressive

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To very aggressive
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Nov 10, 2019
Interesting trail to read. After daily shaving with the Rockwell 6S (on the most aggressive R6 plate) for about a month, I pulled out the trusty 34C today.

Call me crazy, but I’m certain that the 34C is actually a touch more aggressive. Absolute BBS finish. The shorter handle might not work for everyone, but I find it gives fantastic level of control and precision.

I stand by my assessment of this razor: engineering perfection 👌

I started out on EJ/DE89 like many do, and that is definitely too mild for me. I honestly have no idea why people lump the 34C into the same category in terms of efficiency. 34C is far more efficient in my experience.