Monsta's Blade Ratings - how it is calculated

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Feb 2, 2011
After starting DE shaving not very long ago, I have amassed a large quantity and range of blades. In starting my wet shaving journey, I found that the reviews of blades are totally inconsistent and does not give a nice, measured approach to testing how the blades stack up in a particular razor.

My goal was to come up with a review rating figure to describe the blade itself and raw performance during the shave, and to take into account that while there are some great blades out there, unfortunately some are very expensive or virtually unavailable which should be penalised.

And so the Monsta BladeRating were born.

As always, blades are very subjective items which opinions can differ from shaver to shaver, and also with the hardware they are used in. Some blades work well in a wide range of handles, yet others work brilliantly in a few rare cases while being simply awful in others.

To this end we created a formula to take into account the traits that shavers like about blades and then prioritise and weight them accordingly.

Sharpness: Possibly the most important trait of a blade.
Smoothness: Most desired trait of blades amongst shavers.
Roughness: The ideal is none at all, although many blades can be smooth while exhibiting roughness.
Longevity: We ideally want a blade which can last a number of shaves.
Value: We want to see blades at reasonable prices. A median price is established and blades rated from that median in USD, and based on delivery to Australia in 100-blade terms.
Availability: Very important to be able to buy the blades. As we know, many blades have become "unavailable". A high rating blade is useless if it cannot be sourced.
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