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Discussion started by glenos, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. glenos

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    I'm building a house and plan to put in two zone audio in the dining/living (5mx10m) which links through double sliding doors to porch (5mx3m). The wiring has just gone in for an indoor zone (2 pairs in ceiling in parallel) and outdoor zone.

    Now I need to work out what I will do for source. At present we have CDs ripped to flac24 and mp3 on an external HDD, the radio is rarely on and we dont use audio streaming. I was thinking of using raspberry pi's with class D amp hat (iqaudio), but am losing interest, sounds like a lots of mucking around. This requires a pi for each zone running an OS like rune or volumio, and another pi to act as the server.

    So I'm looking for suggestions of how to host my flac24s and play them in the two zones either synchronous or asynchronous.

    Yamaha WXA50 looks to be a candidate, mind you they are $500 above the raspberry pi option, each.

    A lode la4 and a NAS would be clean but $$$$$$.

    Can I run a micro form factor NAS/server with two hifi soundcards?

    It will sit in the pantry (2.5mx2m room) on a high shelf. There is data, NBN and power there. So heat and noise are not big issues as there is a fridge in the same room.

    EDIT - Because the source is in the pantry, I want to control it from my phone/tablet.
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  2. RustyBlade

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    One vote Yamaha RX with FLAC and zone support over self built stuff.
    It just works, looks great and has a good remote and can also team amps. Pay the bucks and get something that sings (y)
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  3. Psmith

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    I'm in love with my Bluesound system. I have the Vault 2 as I hadn't ripped my CDs at that point.
    Curious as to why you don't use audio streaming? Tidal has incredible quality (better than CD) which sounds amazing with the Bluesound, Cambridge Audio Amp and my Canton floor stander speakers. Such good quality that, had I known, I probably wouldn't have spent the months on end ripping the CDs.
  4. RustyBlade

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    Not everywhere has 'the internet' nor reliable out of the cities. Might be budget constraints to consider also. All in One boxes are more reliable also than bridged systems.
    Though nice setup and good idea (y)
  5. Bucephalus

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    Anyone know how I change the needle on my gramophone??

    Edit: The voices told me to do it!
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  6. RustyBlade

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    Needle works fine, change your hearing aid batteries :oldman:

    Edit: and stop playing them backwards
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  7. Bucephalus

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    Don't need hearing aid as gramophone is the model with the large horn. I tried filing a new point on the needle but the scratchy sound had worsened. However, the little white dog's cough has cleared up.
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  8. LukehGee

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    I was using Plex a while back but on a windows machine not a Pi. The streaming to other devices was pretty flawless. I was mainly using it for video though.

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