My first Australian custom razor

Oct 18, 2020
Hey gents,

My first custom razor arrived yesterday and I'm itching to use it for today's shave.

A quick heads up before I do a full review.


Grind-Bellied hollow grind

Steel-Solingen Carbon steel 1.2210

Finish- Mirror polish

Point- Spanish point

Scales- Bethlehem olive wood

Wedge- Mulga

Pins- Nickel silver

Washers- Stainless steel

Manufacturer- S.K.Colling and Co


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Feb 7, 2019
Yes, that is what I have realised separates the little Dorko from all my other blades is the extra ergonomics of the thumb notch,
The TI is a beauty. I am still being thrifty with purchases buying good quality but rough 2nd hand razors and restoring them. Enjoying the journey and lessons learnt.
One day I may splash out on a new TI like the one above (y)(y)
Oct 18, 2020
That was a second hand TI. It sells for US$285 but I picked it up (with a strop) for around AU$100 off the bay; bargain! The blade had some minor spots and a logo I didn't want. 1 hour later and viola! Sweet, sweet success. I love buys like this, they are worth the wait.

The Australian custom straight costs around the price of a mid to high end manufactured razor (Dovo/TI/Boker) but is a full custom. When viewed in that light it's a bargain, or so I tell the wife. Sometimes I just say it represents 4 tanks of petrol which would last 4 weeks, while the razor will last a lifetime. How could you say no?