My local Barber Est. 1946


Nov 6, 2019
Good morning all (1.46am & can’t sleep)

Here is a pic I took on my phone whilst my boy is getting his hair cut. These guys were cutting my hair before I hit double figures and now they cut my boys hair. I love these guys and still only $13.00 a cut! Guidos shop has been around since 1946. It’s an old fashioned shop and service. Unfortunately not many left like these gents where I am. All Italian - Guido, Gino (Guidos Son), Mario and Joseppe or Joe.

Guido the Barber
by Mr BBS, on Flickr
Jul 5, 2016
Fremantle, WA
There’s a similar establishment opposite Fremantle Town Hall named “Wrightson’s” although the owner and staff have changed over the years. My first haircut there was 1968, Norm Wrightson was the owner and his staff numbered three, all Italian and in their 50s. I continued having my haircuts there until the late 1990s although by then the staff had retired or passed away, then Norm sold up and retired. On port visits, the US Navy guys and Marines always made for Wrightson’s. Norm’s prices were always very reasonable and the decor of his premises took you back the old days.