(My) Smoked Pork Ribs + Apple and Hickory Wood

May 18, 2020
awesome that looks killer.. mmmm

what wood did you use to smoke? do you do charcoal rotisserie also?
For the smoker I use Argentian hardwood that you can pickup from most places for the heat and then add splits of Hickory and Apple tree for that flavour. The smell of both those woods is sublime! When it comes to ribs I use more the apple as it's milder and sweeter.

I made a pork roast last week on the rotisserie (I'll post up some pics) which I use charcoal and apple chunks. The rotisserie is an attachment on my kettle grill. The crackling is something I still think about until my next cook!

For Chrissy, it'll be at ours this year.. I've been tasked with a pork roast on the rotisserie and a full brisket.

Nothing says gout for Christmas like 2 pieces of animal slowly cooking