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Discussion started by Blackie, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    I've had the new Mamba for a few weeks now, and I have noticed a bit of a shortage of discussion on here.
    My thoughts? Well, it's beautifully made and looks good.
    The shave is mild, but efficient.
    The Mamba does nothing wrong. It's a smooth shaver. It just glides along with a slight audible effect as it slices down the stubble.
    Comparing to my Tech, Ikon 101, and Fatboy it gives a similar shave.
    The Fatboy on 7 is a bit more audible, and maybe shaves a tad closer but not as smooth.
    The Mamba shaves as good as the 'NEW' LC I recently sold.
    So, firstly I used a Gillette Black for a few shaves. Yeah, shaved OK, but nothing special.
    Next few days it was a Feather. Hmmm...getting better, felt good.
    Last few days it's been a Nacet.
    Bingo! The Nacet makes the Mamba sing.
    Very smooth and refined. One pass, with a quick touch up under the chin and I'm good for the day.
    Good thing I listened to Ferret and bought those 100 Nacets.
    Now, the only quibble is that bulge on the handle end. You can simply unscrew it and throw it away of course.
    It does make the handle too big to fit into an upright razor stand like this one.

    I reckon some bright lad will start making new slimmer handle ends to customize the Mamba handles. Brass, bullet shaped heads, or coloured resin 'knobbies' to screw onto the end.
    Is the Mamba worth the entrance fee? Heck yeah!
    Great wee razor, nice length handle to hold, smooth, and works well.
    If you can snag one on BST give it a try.
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  2. Korbz

    Korbz Member

    Same experience here. Going to try the Gillette Greens in it this week. Beard and Blade has them at a super price (6.50 / 50).
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  3. RustyBlade

    RustyBlade Member

    Great review @Blackie.
    I'm a Jekyll & Hyde type of guy especially when I wake up. So some days an aggressive razor and others a smooth mild machine like the Mamba.
    On a hate day I've shimmed the Mamba with a feather and it opens it up. Way more blade feel (what I like) and as smooth but more efficient.
    Then there are days I love the Mamba as it was meant to be.
    Probably took me five+ shaves to work it out as I didn't find that small angle it works in. So disliked it in first few shaves.
    Yeah, blade choice matters. Feather was my choice as others were mild.
    Don't think I've tried a Nacet in it which is odd as is my main blade that I use.
    So for now it is in my rotation.
    Handle I like now, initially I didn't as I thought the balance was out. Grippy and not noticeable so they'll stay together.
    Later I'll beef it up with a heavier handle to see what it will add to the razor and its efficiency.

    Now to appease @todras. Yes it is a 'budget' razor but a beauty in machining and to use. Well worth the price and long term value it will bring so to me not budget but a pedigree on its own.
    So if you like mild shavers this is a beauty for stainless steel.

    Also nice find on the razor stand. Stainless steel in the description but looks aluminium, confirm?
    Tempted to get it but 13.5mm opening so a forstner bit might be an option to make it bigger.
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  4. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    ...'Also nice find on the razor stand. Stainless steel in the description but looks aluminium, confirm?"....

    It's a bit weird. Too light for stainless, a tad too heavy for aluminium.
    Some strange 'Made in China' alloy with a coating resembling a stainless finish.
    They are a very handy wee stand, but I wouldn't use it for my Fatboy (or any adjustable) because all the scum will drip down into the internals and podge things up.
    Great for a normal razor, and if you don't have much room to spare to place the razors horizontally.
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  5. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member

    Greetings all. Funnily enough my Mamba arrived today via the gents at Italian Barber. It wasn't due to arrive till later in the week but UPS shipped in quick just in time for Christmas. Yet to shave with it but on first impressions it looks nice nicely polished and I'm still uncertain as to whether it really is Stainless or Titanium but then again it looks uniquely Aluminium? It reminds me of similar offerings suggested above by iKon and feels very comfortable to hold. I can't wait to test it out during my next shave so does anybody have any blade suggestions, seeing as reviews state it's a tad on the milder side and I'd hate to build my early impressions down to poor blade selection? Thanks
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  6. RustyBlade

    RustyBlade Member

    @Razor Burn something sharp and smooth like a feather, Nacet, Bic chrome plats etc.
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  7. SydBJW

    SydBJW Soaps, You Don't Buy Just Williams Da Menth Heads

    My thoughts on my mamba, since I have acquired it I have almost only shaved with it.

    It is a great everyday razor for my bread growth (smooth and efficient) but also works great when I haven't shaved for a week.

    For me it is a winner but again I don't have the heaviest of bread growths.
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  8. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member

    @Rusty Blade I'm nursing some, wait for it, "razor burn" around my neck from my last shave so might avoid the Feather just yet. Either way thanks for the tip!
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  9. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member

    Had my first shave with the Mamba using a Super Max Super Platinum Blade with soap I received in my shaving mug so first impressions are great but I can see why a few people find the razor some what of a disappointment. It really is a well built razor which shaves smoothly but if your seeking those BBS shaves then I'm just not sure the Mamba is going to provide that. The shave felt great, very comfortable and I love the weight of the handle even though it felt slippery in my soapy hands as I shaved in the shower. One minor issue I noticed was shaving under the nose where I struggled, possibly due to the polished head but for a first shave that's no big issue. Would I suggest this razor to everybody, probably not as there are many more affordable razors out there that will provide if not BBS then certainly better shaves than the Mamba. Saying that it truly looks and feels great so for that reason I'm happy I made the purchase. You'll struggle to find a better looking DE razor that"s for sure! Happy shaving :)
  10. nsavage

    nsavage Member

    I think you need to get a few more shaves with it under your belt TBH.

    The razor as mild as it is is more than capable of providing a very good close shave. I will not say BBS (IMO BBS is not necessary for day to day anyway) but certainly very close and more than suitable.

    Try a sharper blade and really concentrate on getting the angle right and you should get a better result.

    On a scale of affordability/quality I would have to disagree and say that the Mamba has got most razors well and truly beat. Sure it is not Wolfman quality and finish but it is extremely well finished and presented for the price. It will last a lot longer than a pot metal or zamak razor I should expect. IMO it is also definitely stainless steel, I could see no good reason for the retailer to misrepresent this but many reasons for them not to.
  11. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member

    @ nsavage Thanks for the reply and helpful suggestions. I couldn't agree more that the Mamba is well worth the price with my only gripe being the options available on grabbing one without having to pay heaps for postage, such as I did going through RazorRock/Italian Barber direct. The shipping was super quick but almost more than the razor itself which would easily put many buyers off.
    Quality wise it's easily one of the best made razors which in itself is enough to warrant the purchase and shave wise it goes well. I can't just see why some people don't like it but I'm more than happy :) Happy shaving!
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