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Discussion started by eggbert, Jul 8, 2015.

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    So I bought myself one of those Chinese dual boot (windows / android) tablet.
    Specifically this one : a Chuwi Hi8. It has Intel Z3736F 2.16Ghz Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM, and a 1920 x 1200 screen.
    It comes with a 32GB hard drive split between the two systems - which makes things a bit tight, but it can take up to 64GB microsd cards. I only had a 32GB card handy so I've used Minitools Partition Wizard to create a 10GB partition for Android, and the rest for Windows.
    It was bought to replace a Nexus 7 which died over a year ago, so the plan is to mainly use it in the same way the Nexus could be used. I've been using the phone pretty much as my only internet access with a headless downloading / plex server (HP N40L microserver) which I teamview into when required.

    The screen is very good, and the machine looks to be fairly fast (for light internet duties anyway) in both Win 8.1 and Android. Android is running 4.4 Kitkat, with no Lollipop on the horizon at present. That said, I don't notice much difference between 4.4 on this and my 5.1 running phone.

    Windows 8.1 is another story though. This is my first real experience with it other than fixing a few issues with one for my boss' kids machine. And so far I've got to say I do not like it at all. I understand that they are trying to make it more tablet friendly but that comes at a huge cost to anyone that has used Windows since it came out. The 1920*1200 8" screen is a bit of a hindrance on windows too - especially at the desktop level where my spacky fat monkeypaw fingers appear to click anything but what I am trying to click.

    Other than making things a little small on windows, the screen is great. Very crisp, bright colours on both android and windows more than make up for the slight loss in processing power and battery life to my mind. I've not tested the battery fully yet, but it has been reported that the 4000mAh battery does last close to the reported 5 hour mark which will be more than enough for my needs (I've checked and Emirates has usb chargers for my flights to Europe later in the year). Hopefully the battery won't degrade too quickly like some of the earlier chinese tablet batteries did.

    Both the front and rear cameras are pretty woeful, but I bought it knowing this would be the case. it will suffice for skype conversations with overseas families, but you ain't gonna get no stunning portraits out of either the front or rear camera out of these.

    Overall, so far I'm pretty happy with it, and for the US$83 I paid its huge value for money. I'm just not a fan of Win8.1 at all. If you have any hints or tips on making the experience closer to earlier versions of Windows, please let me know.
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    Damn man... dont get me started! I'm a "Gadget" guy myself!

    Truth be told, Im not a fan of Windows 8 either.... I can't complain about the load times, however, I was running it on a PC. I came from Windows 7... completely different experience on Win 8, and like yourself I was looking towards changing it more towards a later version of windows. I know for PC there were some apps which would restore the Start menu, etc again, but not too sure about tablets... I have a few tablets myself, although they are quite outdated now. Have you had a look around to see if there are any custom firmwares you can install on it?

    Congrats on the buy as well! :)
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    For the money, these Android/Win8 dual boot tables are loads of bang for buck. Mostly come with Intel's ultra-low power Atom CPU's.

    I will agree that Win8 is useless, I personally would remove it entirely and sit on Android all day. But for USD$83 its cheap as chips, even if it is only an 8" device. You won't get a 8" Nexus tablet for anything near that amount.
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