No one in Perth wants bargain vintage razors it seems

Discussion started by shavenardo, Nov 4, 2017.

  1. shavenardo

    shavenardo Member

    Must be shy or something.
    Just as well anyway, they would be shocked if meeting up with a beardo like me.
  2. Drubbing

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    Hiding your sale in your welcome thread, and then telling people to go to gumtree, then having to do a random search in the hope they find your stuff, is a sure way not to generate much interest.

    There is a buy/sell forum on here.
  3. shavenardo

    shavenardo Member

    Yeah, sorry.
    I didn't join here just to sell (as I knew new members couldn't anyway). The selling off was a separate thing - though of course both are related to me getting interested again into shaving and realising I have too many razors packed in storage.
    So I wasn't trying to pimp out too much, I was just surprised at the amount of people in that thread that were from perth. I didn't expect it before joining so I just mentioned it in case some were interested, no hard sale thing that would be against any rules, just a casual mention of another site without even a link...
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