Non-Scheduled downtime - Hosting issues

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Feb 2, 2011

We have experienced an outage of approximately 40 hours and 38 minutes since early Friday morning. Our monitors went down at 7.39am AEST and we had the server booted and available approximately 12.17am Sunday. There was some further configuration tasks to be done in order to get everything back up and running as P&C runs on a separate IP address than our main VPS.

The report from the hosting company suggested that the RAID Controller in the server that Paste&Cut was hosted on had a major issue and caused downtime. They fixed the issue but then there was a second failure in much the same vein. That was then fixed again.

While we do take an off-site backup of the database every day which preserves that forum data, it does not mean that it is an easy thing to rebuild back into a site in the event of a catastrophic failure. Our 'easy to restore' backup occurs weekly on Sunday morning, and hence ours was about 5 days out of date. We elected to wait for the problem to be fixed in this case. This particular backup means that we can move it directly to our secondary host and start up the site again with a minimum of fuss and downtime.

Overall, I am not pleased with the way the hosting company handled the situation, how they did not keep their customers up to date with the situation and any estimated time to resolution. Due to this I will be moving the site to another location in the near future. This will be a scheduled outage and you will all be made aware of it prior to it occurring.

I thank you all for your patience during this time - I know most of you would have been having withdrawals and getting very anxious about getting your forum fix for the day. Remember our Facebook Page and Twitter accounts will be the go-to places for information when there is an outage so please keep an eye on them.

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