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Discussion started by eggbert, Jun 30, 2016.

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    A while ago Barrister and Mann sent some prototype soap pucks down under for us to review and comment on before they decided which versions went into production.
    There were 3 soaps available to test, which came as 1/2 pucks in a full latha style (I think) pot. None of the prototypes we got made it into production.

    One set went down the east coast, and one went west.

    I'm not sure what set I ended up with, but I was last in line there. At the time I was due to head off to Malaysia and @Monsta_AU requested that I drop them off at a little barbers he had found there that he enjoyed visiting.

    The first time I went to Penang, Son & Dad barber were unable to fit me in (I think) so the soaps ended up staying in Malaysia until my next visit.
    This next time (CNY 2016) I was unable to get them to the barbers as the child of the friends who were storing it had measles or something which could have endangered our baby so I couldn't pick them up.

    A little while ago my friends moved house, found the soaps again, and sent them back to Australia.

    I asked Monsta what to do with them, and he suggested TP&CTB4 (The Paste and Cut Travelling Box 4), but @Mark1966 thought that most people had probably tried them all, and that the idea for TP&CTB* was to showcase items that you could purchase (except for the unobtanium vintage soaps he added to the last box).

    So I'm still left with three 1/2 pucks of soap and no idea what to do with them.

    So I'm asking you lot. What do you think we should do? Raffle them off*, run an auction here*, cut them into sample sizes and send off to all who haven't tried them? Any other suggestions?

    If we raffle them off I'm of the opinion to put the proceeds to charity of P&Cs choice, or put the proceeds towards postage for the next P&C box. I'm not looking to profit in any way shape or form from this (unless the offer is big enough).
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    None of my business, but curious why MonstaAU requested they be delivered to Malaysia?

    What should you do with them? I'd say PIF Raffle. Get interested parties to nominate, then via raffle (random number generator) set an order and send them to the first on the list. They would work their way down the list until used and yes, those on the bottom of the list may miss out. Set some rules; use them only a set number of times, keep them only a set duration etc???
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    Son & Dad were a new barber Monsta found while he was in Penang. At the time they only had some cheap and nasty soaps or creams that they were offering wet shaves with, so he thought it would be a nice idea to give them some decent product to try out.
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    I think if we could make some money for Movember or something similar - that would definitely have my vote. Unfortunately some of us are definitely going to be grateful for it in the future :(

    If Will agrees to it - I am sure we could raise a fair bit of cash - I am always amazed what kind of price limited edition B&M soaps fetch...
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    @eggbert you should know why I'm here...

    Oh and I believe at least one made it to retail markets.

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