Official P&C 2018 Sabbatical (& Back to Basics) thread

Discussion started by Monsta_AU, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. Monsta_AU

    Monsta_AU ...can I interest you in some vintage blades? Forum Administrator Grand Society

    Admin Post
    Well, it is coming to that time of the year when we look forward to the changing of the calendars, and also when I add a heap of green sabbatical banners in the hope a good number of them turn yellow during the year :troll:

    Okay, so the rules are:
    1. No order, purchase (money changing hands) or delivery of any shaving-related product between 1/1/2018 until 31/12/2018.
    2. Pre-existing orders at the time of joining sabbatical are exempted (i.e. already in play).
    3. Swaps of hardware and software are permitted on a no-cash-adjustment basis.
    4. Forum products are EXEMPT from Sabbatical. Under this rule, the Platypus brush is exempted, but @todras & @SchoolForAnts production of Australians All would not be as it was not an official product but merely offered to forum members. Any forum product thread will be clearly tagged with the Sabbatical status.
    5. Any group buys permitted/approved are not excluded from sabbatical.
    6. If you run out of stock and you need to buy something, then you are crazy for joining. You can purchase (and must use for the rest of sabbatical) the most basic of products locally available as possible under the Back to Basics rule. We are talking blades like the Brazilian Wilks from Coles or any of the Shaver Shop blades, Soaps and creams like Proraso, post like just an Alum or maybe Nivea Sensitive, and maybe the Body Shop synth brushes. And once you buy it, that's all you can use in that category for the rest of the year but you can buy as many of them as you like!!!
    7. All Sabbatical entrants must be confirm as participating in this thread by 11:59pm AEDT on 31/12/2017.
    8. You win - you keep the green banner in eternity. You lose - it gets swapped to the red and yellow FAIL banner for eternity. Pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name.
  2. Rami

    Rami Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    What if I buy something now it wouldn’t be delivered until next year.
  3. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Artisan Producer Menth Dealer

    You see the failed sabbatical banner people have, and the ugly as sin colours it comes in. Well that's what you can expect when you take and fail a sabbatical.

    Don't say I didn't warn you :)
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  4. Ferret619

    Ferret619 Foolish Possums are not Grand Poobahs 2018 Sabbatical

    Pick me!!! I’m in!!
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  5. J.Mac

    J.Mac Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    I'm in. It's about time i actually finish something
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  6. RustyBlade

    RustyBlade Member 2018 Sabbatical

    Not sure if I like this game :unsure:
    Ok so to be clear.
    1. If I run out of blades or soap can I take donations new or used? :nailbiting:
    2. If I make or invent something can I use and test it? As in the end it maybe in the benefit of P&C users.
    3. Does the green banner exist after one year as I don't see any?
    4. Can my partner buy me a birthday gift that isn't near my birthday, just because he/she loves me? :sneaky:
    5. Can I ban all acquisitions & SOTD posts by @UKSteve because I get extremely jealous that I don't smell that good all the time? :LOL:
    6. Can I loan a soap and return it full from another member?
    7. The week before Christmas are we allowed a freebie (exception) as long as the order arrives after 20181231? :cautious:
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  7. nav1

    nav1 Member 2018 Sabbatical

    I achieved a technical sabbatical with a zero net expenditure. For the last year, I've bought the same value of stuff as i sold off.

    Could this possibly be added to the conditions?
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  8. Rami

    Rami Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    Yea but that means I am at the mercy of Australia post.

    I am thinking of going again. I think I only want an apr and squadron soap and some blades and I am ready to go.
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  9. Monsta_AU

    Monsta_AU ...can I interest you in some vintage blades? Forum Administrator Grand Society

    Admin Post
    NO - But new, but has to be cheap, locally widely available. Like the Wilkinsons @ Coles.
    No purchase of shaving related items, so a knot would be out. That said, non-shaving oils and scents as ingredients to make soap for example will be fine as they are not specifically shave related on their own.
    Most people fail sabbatical dismally.
    You are not purchasing, there is no problem.
    No way, temptation is part of the fun.
    Covered under swap/trade with no monetary consideration.
    Rule 1 is clear. You cannot order and/or purchase before 1/1/2019 in you want in.
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  10. Rami

    Rami Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail


    Can you relax the first rule so we can make orders before new year to be delivered early next year for example?
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  11. Monsta_AU

    Monsta_AU ...can I interest you in some vintage blades? Forum Administrator Grand Society

    Admin Post
    Did you not read rule 2?

    Both done, you have until closing time to post here if you want out, or you are in.

    Monetary consideration = breaking sabbatical. That's the rules we are working to.
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2017
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  12. nav1

    nav1 Member 2018 Sabbatical

    My soap rotation hit a hundred this year so...I'm in!!
  13. Rami

    Rami Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    Nope, cause i am inattentive.
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  14. glenos

    glenos Member 2018 Sabbatical 2015 Sabbatical

    Too easy, I'm in.
    I have plenty of blades and everything else I use is available locally from mainstream suppliers, assuming shavershop or body shop count.

    I'd even be willing to step it up a notch and use one blade (Schick platinum plus, not one single blade), one soap (BS Macca), one post shave routine (Thayer's witch hazel followed by BS Macca balm). Anyone else willing to play with me?

    I need another shiny banner to go with the one above.
  15. nsavage

    nsavage Member

    I love seeing all of the posts from members saying "Oh this will be easy, I'm in" :LOL:
  16. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Active Member Grand Society 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    Just sit back and relax Wookie while we watch the forum, sooner or later someone is going to bail out of the 2018 Sabbatical ;)
  17. Rami

    Rami Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    Meh, only a slight miscalculation on my part and I would have got it.
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  18. RustyBlade

    RustyBlade Member 2018 Sabbatical

    ok, ok, ok, i'm getting closer to saying yes to this but again more questions.

    1. Can I prepay a vendor for a product (now) before it is released and receive it during the calendar year?
    2. Mate wants to make a brush handle for me later next year so I must purchase the knots now and assemble later in 2018? Also if I reknot an existing brush with I knot acquired 2017 is fine?
    3. Confused with rules 1,3 & 6 in regards to donated items. Ideally the process of the sabbatical is for one to become zen (to a point) and use what they have to understand it/yourself more and be humble (plus chew up years of reserves). Rule 3 allows me to borrow indefinitely which becomes donated. Rule 6 says I can still go out and get 'back to basics' (which in the UK is Tobs) and purchase lower tiered supermarket items to get me across the line which contradicts Rule 1 that does not allow purchasing of items. To be honest that is too easy as proraso & nivea is not a penalty for some. I think Rule 6 should be removed and members in the sabbatical if low, rely on the generosity of other members. This means individual members who are not on a sabbatical can get involved thus creating a stronger community and further relationships (which is the base of P&C).
  19. Razor Burn

    Razor Burn Member Da Menth Heads

    Oh I love this place hahaha :) I'm sooo tempted to join as it's the best way to stop me from buying stuff that I don't clearly need and use up my blades & soap supply in the process. It seems a tad confusing though, so I might sit out this time and cheer on those more brave than me. Best of luck ;)
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  20. glenos

    glenos Member 2018 Sabbatical 2015 Sabbatical

    It's simple don't buy stuff for a year and use what you have, it's liberating. No need to feel tempted and suffer fear of missing out or choice anxiety. There is no choice.
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