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Discussion started by Monsta_AU, Dec 2, 2017.

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    Not that any of us require another AD around here...

    Kicking off the thread - Massdrop has the Glycine Combat Sub at USD$379.99 which I think is cheaper than last time. These are produced after the Invicta purchase of the brand but the quality remains pretty good. The general concensus is that it is Watchgooroo providing these which both @borked and I will vouch for as a trusted supplier.
    It's an affiliate link to my account, I get a gift box once 5 people using my link sign up and purchase -

    Also, Watchgooroo on eBay is now doing Mondiane watches - these are the Swiss Railway Clock design. The quartz pieces use the 'Stop2Go' pattern which is really cool. Prices during Black Friday & Cyber Monday were insanely good. I like the look of the white face 40mm Big Date on Milanese Mesh bracelet - and the price is super good.
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    Hmmm, would love a good Swiss Railway Clock design watch - didn't think to check the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales, maybe next year :(
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    Why did my replies get deleted?

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