OMG never been this close

Jun 26, 2020

I just fnished shaving about an hour ago and I have NEVER had a shave this close and only one very small nick :)

Hadn't shaved since Saturday and was looking pretty rough, started with a Astra which had been used once, was very uncomfortable. Against all advise switched in a Feather and it cut through the bristle like a hot knife through butter.

So glad I have made the switch and also found this group.

To other newbies, stick with it apart from the cost/environment/fun the results are worth it

Jun 13, 2020
When I first started shaving, all those centuries ago, I thought using DE razors was the cheapest way to go. Back then, of course, we had no internet to inform us of other options available, so we'd use whatever was available at the chemists: Gillette TTO, Gillette or Wilkinson Sword blades, brush and soap of some sort.

Now I spend way more than I ever did or should (and many here must spend thousands) but it's innocent enough. Better than cigarettes or gambling, I say. This way, you get to spend 30 minutes or more doing something that makes YOU feel good.

Incidentally, it's not always bad advice to say go for the sharpest blade or a more aggressive razor. Both can get the job done with fewer passes and consequently less irritation. Whatever works best for you, you will be the best one to find out. Have fun 😊
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