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Discussion started by Monsta_AU, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. eggbert

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    Been off the smokes for 10 years or so now, but I wonder the same.
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  2. borked

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    Do you enjoy them?
    If yes, do the nuances of what you enjoy it ultimately matter?
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  3. beerhog

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    It's very easy to make a previously enjoyable drink much less enjoyable by over analysing it.drink what you like not what some expert tells you that you should like.
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  4. eggbert

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    I'm fairly new to whisky sipping, and have discovered a few I like, and a couple that I'm not so keen on.
    I like exploring taste, and sensory perceptions, but had previously been put off whisky because my first encounters with it were huge peaty jobs (Lagavulin) , tasted like medicine (Laphroiag) or harsh, probably cheap blends ( I really don't remember other than thinking I didn't like it).
    I've recently bought a few cheaper end single malts (Glenmoranjie, Glenfiddich, Glenlivet founders something or other- you know, your average BWS fair) and a few blends, and have recently decided to try tasting them and comparing notes to see what I get out of them. So far the Glenmoranjie has been my pick of the bunch, and after watching a review, I found I had sensed a few of the scents and flavours described by the reviewer.
    However, I was surprised to find I got nothing from the Ballantines that Ralfy had described in his review. I honestly wasn't expecting much, as it was only a $40 blended whisky (I'm not a big fan of coffee blends, so kind of expected similar), but it really did just taste very generic. I was going to try upblending to see if it could improve the base, but wasn't inspired to bother after finishing my snifter.

    I've got to admit that spending over $100 on a bottle is still a bit of a step to me, so I have hovered at the lower prices for a while. I notice the difference when I spend a little more, but not enough to feel confident another $30-40 will make my experience that much nicer, but as I'm pretty much off the beer now I want something else alcoholic I can enjoy.
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  5. eggbert

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    A clean palate and I can taste all sorts of flavours that I couldn't previously.
    I think the previous time I had finished off my toddlers ice cream after dinner and the cream must have completely coated my mouth.
    While it's not as nice as the couple of single malts I have, the Balantines 12 isn't unpleasant to drink after all.
    I also tried another trick which I've seen recommended for hot places. The glass has been put inside a stubby holder, and kept in the freezer between drinks. This cools the whisky down to the low 20s C - a temperature far closer to that which it is drunk in cooler climes, and it slowly gets a little warmer over the next half hour or so.
    Far more impressed, and bore want to explore more flavours.
  6. LukehGee

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    @eggbert Lagavulin 16 (I'm guessing that's the one you tried) is my favourite whiskey. I have not been game enough to have a glass since I went cold turkey from the smokes. They just seem to go hand in hand.

    If your looking for a suggestion of something under 100 that won't be far off what you have been enjoying I would suggest highland park 12. Been a while since I bought a bottle but the last time I think I paid a bit over 70.
  7. Monsta_AU

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    Admin Post
    Seems like the thread got off track a little - back to the bargains.

    Back into the country yesterday, and picked up a few DF bottles on arrival at YSSY:
    • Mount Gay XO Rum - I am sure that @Mark1966 approves
    • Ardmore 'Tradition' peated NAS (double matured - quarter cask finish)
    • Old Forrester 'Signature' 100 proof bourbon.
    Cost me a total of $136. I may or may not have had more than 2250mL. 'Nothing to declare officer'.

    You can also get Talisker 10 from Dans for $79.90, cheapest price on that I have seen for a bit. It is known as the core of most of JW blends for a long time.

    Dans also has the Glengoyne 10 on a member offer for $69, saving of $6 off the normal price. Considering I got the 15 at $79 from Nicks recently, it just goes to show how good that deal was. Other member Deals includes the Balvenie 17 Double Wood which is a good deal at $149, and the 'Fiddich 21 Gran Reserva at $199 which is about $60 off. I'd personally prefer a 25yo Glenfarclas at that price but it is still a great whisky with not too much 'wrong' with it although some say the aftertaste is a bit short after an amazing nose. These prices finish April 30.

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