Orient Watches, Looking at an addition.


Jun 24, 2018
Sarina QLD 4737
Hi All
Looking to add a new watch to the fold. I have noted a fair bit of love for the Orient Bambino around here and rightly so. However do any of you gents own a Royal Star anything else in the Orient line up? I do love their divers but I am looking for more of a
dress watch. I have added a couple of screen shots of what I'm thinking of.
Open to suggestions. I have a 7 1/4 inch (185mm) wrist but hands like Christmas hams so case sizes 40 and up suit me better.
Most of the reviews have been favorable but a caveat of " for a watch at this price point" added. Just wondering if there have been bad experiences with the brand. There is a bit of price spread here but these are what I like.
Thanks in advance for any advice of feedback.



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May 10, 2017
I have a v2 bambino and it’s a terrific value IMHO-
I don’t think you can go wrong with orient, the only let down IMHO is the mineral crystal, a few bucks more for say sapphire and it would be a cracker!
Feb 13, 2011
I've got one very similar to that first watch - mine's the FFD0F004W0 (link).
Absolutely love it. They're not "rated" as the most accurate timepieces, generally the Orient autos are between +/-15-25s per day, however their value proposition is very good ($150-$170 for a Bambino v4). My FFD however seemed to be much more accurate, closer to +/- 10s per day when I was wearing it regularly (I now have a beater watch that I wear at work, the Orient comes on for special occasions).
The Mako and Ray also present very good value for dress-divers, if you want a mech-auto movement.
Jan 15, 2019
I've got the original Orient Mako (pictured below) which features a non-hacking/non-hand winding Orient 46943 movement. The extra button is for changing the date. The new model referred to as the Mako II uses the Orient F6922 movement which features both hacking and hand-winding and date change so there is no extra button. I really like my Mako and the newer model is more of a good thing.