Outage 20/10/2023 to 21/10/3023


...can I interest you in some vintage blades?
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Feb 2, 2011
Well, that was fun! What was supposed to be a fairly basic Operating System update turned into a massive meltdown.

For those in IT circles, CentOS 7.9 (a community/free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux) is no longer going to be supported by cPanel soon, so I took the opportunity to cross-grade it to a different project (AlmaLinux) that is supported going forward. Usually this is a very easy and straight-forward process. The best I can work out is that the database server threw a fit during the upgrade, and all my efforts to bring it back with the AED turned up all the way to 11 failed. Unfortunately cPanel support still had not gotten back to me and with backups of the accounts in-hand, I took the decision to rebuild it again from scratch and restore the accounts.

So, we are back! Next thing is to make sure the backups are set up to run again, so we get all the new data and posts protected. Always have backups, and always have 3 copies in at least 2 different locations. And of course I took a backup just prior to starting work on the upgrade, so no posts should have been lost, but there may be a post or two that snuck in after the backup but before the site went down for maintenance. Sorry if that is the case, just post it (or something reasonably like it) again..

Thanks to each of you that sent messages that the site was down. Special shoutout to @nsavage who is also in the IT game and also had a callout this weekend outside of normal working hours.
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