Pb French Green Garden


Has a secret stash of ARKO! in PVC pipes
Jun 1, 2017

Still experimenting with clays and silk. This soap has French Green clay as well as bentonite (hence the name, just grabbing names quickly, not sure if it'll stick).
Test lather was really impressive initially but seemed to have potential for over aeration. Took lots of water and then seemed to deteriorate, but prior to over hydration was a beautiful glossy creamy lather. Felt good on the face and expect it will shave well.
Scent wise 'Garden' may be appropriate as quite a few 'colours' seemed to be coming forward during the test lather but this soap is fresh so will be interested to see how it settles. I was thinking about trying a little camphor essential oil in the mix but decided against it and am glad I did as a camphor note comes through on the Lavandin. I think this also adds some 'freshness' to the feel of the soap. The Vetiver provides some nice grounding for that 'barefoot in the garden' feel.
Ingredients: Stearic, Olive oil, Tallow (Beef), Tamanu oil, Avocado oil, Coconut oil, Emu oil, Mango Seed butter, Castor oil, Shea Butter, KOH, NaOH, Glycerine, Tussah Silk, French Green clay, Bentonite clay, Aloe Vera, Filtered water (RO), essential oil.
Essential Oils: Vetiver, Patchouli, Lavandin, Sweet Marjoram and Lime.