Pertaining to bowls

Jan 24, 2020
Pakenham, Melbourne
I have been on an endless hunt for the "perfect bowl" ever since i first started this wet shaving journey a few months ago! I prefer to bowl lather rather than face lather. There is something therapeutic about seeing the lather gradually "pile up" in the bowl - and for me, it's part of the joy of the wet shaving experience. I originally had the same issue as the OP when i started but with a bit more experience I have started to notice that i seem to have more control now and its not quite as bad as when i first started.

I currently use a "Edwin Jagger" porcelain bowl. It fits in the hand really well and at approx 4cm deep and 9cm inner diameter it's a reasonably good size. It's actually very smooth, except for the big bump in the center. But i always worry about dropping it or accidentally chipping it.

I recently purchased one of those collapsible plastic "doggy bowls" of Aliexpress (approx AUD $3.50 i think) It's the one with all the lumps n bumps at the base of the bowl. One of the YouTube shaving "guru's" sells them as a shaving bowl for aound USD $10 i think - but it's actually a rebadged "doggy food" bowl as found on Aliexpress. My observation is that its actually a perfect size with an internal depth of 5cm and internal diameter of 15cm. Because it's plastic its very light, easy to hold and as i sit it in the wash basin with hot water it keeps the lather nice and warm. I'm not sure if it's the shape of this bowl or just because I'm getting better at the process but in this bowl lather rarely spills out over the top of the bowl. And it whips up the most super dense lather in seconds. I'm sure that's because of the mountainous bumps positioned all around the base of the bowl. And no worries if i drop it, as it's plastic.

It's the one in this link here The lather that this bowl whips up in seconds is amazing!

However, I am a bit concerned that the huge lumps / bumps on the bottom of the bowl will rip up my nice brushes so have become a bit hesitant to use it. Otherwise it's perfect!

Is it a concern that a bowl with features like this can damage the bristles or am i being a bit too precious about the brushes.
I'd only be concerned if there was excessive friction from the rubbery material on the bristles. A lather bowl with a slick surface, but with similar ridges etc would have no issues
May 1, 2020
You might just have to wait though, and see if there is a 2020 auction -
LOL... I will wait... and I'm very patient... and very persistent!.. At least I'm gradually working out what I want.

Has anyone tried those Turkish polished copper type bowls. I'm sure @Mark1966 has 2 or 3 or 4 stashed away in a cupboard somewhere :)

I'd only be concerned if there was excessive friction from the rubbery material on the bristles.
Thanks. Is it expected that the bristle hairs split and get a bit wild and frizzy looking over time (as this helps with water retention or some such?) or is the goal to keep the knot looking as close to when it was first bought as possible?