Pogonotomical paraphernalia needing a new home...

Jun 13, 2020
As I suggested in an earlier post (in "disappointed buys"), I'd like to start a new (and if moderators agree) permanent sticky thread for people wishing to move on stuff they no longer need or that doesn't quite work for them. On a non-commercial basis, maybe with just a contribution towards postage. (On that topic, I have just recently discovered PayPal scalps about 8% of any transaction by converting AUD to USD and back using a fictitious exchange rate, so take that into account.)

To kick things off, I have a tub of Whispers From The Woods Lavende shave soap that has been used just twice. Made by Alexandra Woods in the tablelands of NSW, it has a wonderful French lavender scent, lathers perfectly, has plenty of slickness and cushion. I'm moving it on because (for me) the post-shave was good on my face, but not so much on my dome. Not wishing to violate the immutable principle of variance of mileage, I'd like someone else to have the opportunity to give it a try.

Any takers?