Psst, can I sell you a $50,000 coat? (or three...)

Discussion started by Mark1966, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Mark1966

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    When I worked in the Sydney CBD some years ago I used to walk past some fine tailors stores and remember at one point reading an article about J H Cutler being one of the premier if not the premier bespoke tailor. The realities of life meant a bespoke suit from there has never become a reality ( as you can tell by other threads).

    Fast forward to just before Christmas and I'm looking for some holiday reading and find 'The Coat Route' -


    It is the story of this coat -


    A coat which cost $A50,000!

    As it happens, the coat was made in Sydney by none other than, J H Cutler.

    The fabric is vicuña which he had purchased a couple of decades ago from Dormeuil and had been keeping for a special item. The lining was specially purchased from Stefano Ricci, the buttons from Groves in the UK (now in liquidation) and also built in was a special hand engraved gold plaque from John Thompson in Sydney. It was all hand stitched.

    According to the book the customer caught the vision of what was being planned and just handed over his black AMEX and said take what you need. He must have been pretty happy as he order another in the natural tan vicuña and then a cape in black - using up the two remaining rolls of $6,000 per yard material which John Cutler was saving.

    I found the story fascinating and could really appreciate the commitment to craftsmanship involved. Extravagant? Yes. Obscene? Maybe, I'm not sure. I would certainly love to be able to properly appreciate such an item even if I can never own one.

    If you are after a non-taxing holiday read you could do worse IMHO. As 'gentlemen' here I thought you may be able to appreciate it.
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  2. Snooze

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    A cape... made from $6000 per yard material ??? Mr Bruce Wayne perhaps ???
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  3. Mark1966

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    If you read the book you will find out who it is actually ;)

    It was 'a full length cape to wear over the kilt [a 'formal Scottish kilt ensemble finished with solid silver buttons' the client had made as well] or a dinner suit.' John Cutler suggested it be reversible with the other side either red, yellow or blue cashmere ...
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  4. borked

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    Oh my!
    That really is something special indeed...
  5. Maxime D.

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    Hummm Regular Cycle, Delicates or Hand Wash?
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  6. gthomas04

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    I find them all very comfortable to wear
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    Oh that is not fair @gthomas04 ! I know from the book you didn't want to cooperate but letting the cat out of the bag like that and robbing the author of potential sales is unkind.

    Although we could have guessed that this is were you invested your savings from budget shaving I was hoping to encourage a couple of people here to buy the book ...

    Yes, @borked, it is something very special. I'm not sure I would be able to fully appreciate the product to be honest.

    I can't recall the book mentioning care instructions @Maxime D. :)
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  8. eggbert

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    Who the hell wears a cape in this day and age?

    Ahh the venereal venerable GT. That explains so much.
  9. gthomas04

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    Cheapskate didn't offer me a cut of the royalties so he can get stuffed,
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  10. Mark1966

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    Typical starving writer - so selfish...
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