Random acts of kindness (& OLD type query too)


The guy from over the ditch
Jun 23, 2017
Richmond, New Zealand.
In a previous thread I posted about the demise of that lovely Aristocrat that didn't survive the Postal Service.
On another forum I also inhabit, a kind member messaged me and offered me an Aristocrat! Free...just pay the shipping. No case, just the razor, but WOW! How kind are some people?
He's an older guy (just like me) and then he tells me he has a bunch of other vintage Gillettes...Fatboys, Olds, Techs, etc.
Some of these he will sell to me. He figured that as I was paying the shipping anyway another razor in the package would be no extra bother.
I've asked about a Fatboy, and an Old. But which Old do I want?
Are they all the same anyway, or what Old is better than the other Old's?
Thanks guys.