Razor stand and Shelf ideas.

Discussion started by Blackie, Nov 12, 2017 at 12:39 PM.

  1. Blackie

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    Firstly, a view of my razor shelf.
    Made from 8mm thick acrylic sheet (yes, you can use some alloy plate or similar for that 'industrial look').
    Then my razor stand. I bought it from ebay, and altered it a tad so it would fit my shelf, and narrowed it to fit my razors. Width is now 70mm.

    I bunged in a shelf plan for those of you who might need one. You will have to print it out and match up the writing to get the correct size (my scanner is small and needed 2 passes to scan the whole thing). Obviously make size adjustments to suit your requirements. I ended up with the first brush cutout at 40mm in from the end because the plastic guys cut it wrong, but I'm happy with that anyway.
    You could drill a few holes through the acrylic shelf and just drop your razor handle down there. That was my original plan, but I liked the e-cigarette stand better.
    You can see where I cut down the small ebay stand.
    That stand is for e-cigarettes!
    From here, and it's 'Style 3'...


    Oh yeah... SS Mamba, Fatboy Executive, Ikon 101 plus TOBS Grapefruit, Figgy Puddin', and Cella.
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  2. Scotty

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  3. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    Thanks Scotty, I bought my stand a few weeks ago.
    Maybe I bought the last one!
    Ebay does have a heap of sellers with those stands...I just chose the cheapest option (I saved a whole 50cents!!!).
    These are similar to what I used. Looks like metal supports, otherwise the acrylic sides look the same as mine.


    If you are lucky enough to own lots of razors (well, up to 12 anyway)...

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  4. Scotty

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    I too have short arms and long pockets mate and enjoy the hunt for best deal possible :)
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  5. lerenau

    lerenau Member

    That's fantastic, @Blackie!
    This gives me lots of ideas.
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  6. Blackie

    Blackie Member

    Well mate, you will need some extra spaces to hold everything now.
    A Gillette NEW would look great sitting on that acrylic stand.
    How's it all going?
  7. lerenau

    lerenau Member

    It's going really well!
    As it turns out I MUCH prefer the New to the R41. It's like night and day!

    ... Now I just need to find a nice stand for it.
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  8. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Menth Dealer Artisan Producer

    Awesome chaps!

    just pulled the trigger on a 70mm wide 6 razor holder from Fastech, $9 including postage :)
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