Razors one must try

Discussion started by Rami, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. Greenpike

    Greenpike Member

    Gillette Bostonian, New 1930s, Fat Handled Tech , Slim Adjustable, Anything Bakelite from the 40s
    Schick Krona
    Colonial General (GOAT but YMMV)
    Souplex Minor
    Muhle R41
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  2. Nightguard

    Nightguard Member

    Gillette Open Comb - Old or New
    Gillette Adjustable - Toggle, Fatboy, Slim or Super Adjustable
    Gillette Tech
    Gillette Aristocrat
    Merkur 37 Slant
    EJ/Muhle 89

    All of those except the Toggle, Fanboy and Aristocrat can be easily found for well under $100 and they're all absolute classics in my opinion and will give you a very well rounded experience with de razors.
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  3. borked

    borked Shave, collect B&M pokemon, vodka, sleep, repeat Grand Society Group Buy Associate Da Menth Heads

    The razor process you were using before you were a part of this community.
    Yes electric razor, disposable plastic Bics or fusions/hydras with canned goop.
    Purely to remind you how far you have progressed and how much more enjoyable your shaves are.
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  4. Rami

    Rami Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    And I go and get the karve razor.

    Wait a minute,
    Is that 20% off of the 6s, free shipping?
    Don’t mind if I do

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  5. Ptr74

    Ptr74 Member

    How about a NEW SC or a HD 500. Both are smooth operators.

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