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Discussion started by nav1, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    So, I've wanted to try this razor for a while now and received mine about 10 days ago.

    The packaging is totally awesome! I love the gift-style packaging.
    I won't go into more detail about packaging. It's very nice and I'm impressed with the high quality packaging. We'll leave it at that.

    Now, I'm aware of the fact that I don't spend much time posting in the safety razor forum so I thought I'd first share my experience with razors.
    I'm not new to DE razors. I started DE shaving back in 2008.

    My experience includes the following razors (not complete list):
    - Many vintage razors excluding the very rare ones like Toggle, Single/Double ring etc. Some tip, flare tip, red tip, aristocrat, fatboy, slim, super adjustable, NEW LC, NEW SC, slim twist, Schick Krona.

    - Just about all the Schick Injectors excluding the tennis racket handle one and the Paul Revere LE.

    - Six various GEM SE's.

    - Modern razors include nearly the entire range from Merkur (open comb, 15C, 33C, HD, 38C, 37 slant, 39 slant, Bakelite, Progress, Futur), Muhle R89/Grande/Sophist/R41, a few from the Edwin Jagger line, Ikon 102 slant.

    For the last 4 years, the Merkur Progress (I have 2 long handle and 1 short handle) has been my only razor. I've tried a few others in that time but none remained in my den because I'm not a collector and am utilitarian so if a razor can't match or better the Progress, it's out!!

    The Rockwell 6S is a stainless steel razor. I particularly like the weight of it, weighing in at 114grams. It has a fantastic balance point at about two-thirds up the handle. The length of the handle is also great. Not too long and not too short.

    Guess what...the 6S has firmly marked its spot in my den! It's here to stay!
    I love that it's adjustable but with no moving parts...GENIUS!!!

    I haven't bothered to try #1 and #2 settings. I've tried #3 - #6 and here is my feedback...

    Plate #3 was smoooooth! The Ikon 102 Slant is the only other razor I've ever used which was this smooth.
    This plate on the 6S gave a much closer shave (a nice DFS) than the 102 so this was already a massively great start for the 6S razor!

    Plate #4 Smoothness is pretty much retained but a much closer shave! This is my daily setting and I get a BBS with full comfort every day! The Progress has taken a backseat for the moment. The shave from the 6S is just awesome and whilst the Progress isn't going anywhere, over the years I have found the Progress to be a very fragile razor and prone to the the moving parts becoming faulty and the razor goes off alignment so the Progress will no longer be my daily driver but more for a change-up.

    Plate #5 provided a very close shave but 2 days in a row caused a bit of irritation on my neck. So this one will be reserved for those times where I may have multiple days of growth. There's no point moving up from #4 as the BBS from that plate, doesn't become extra-BBS with #5.

    Plate #6 A no go for me. Neck irritation after just one shave. I'm one of those people that like a daily BBS so no point using #5 or #6 and not go for BBS due to irritation. I'd much rather stick with the #4 and get my daily comfortable BBS.

    Overall, the Rockwell 6S is a massive success for me! After 4 years with the Progress, I never thought I'd find a razor that would match the shave and the comfort and actually replace the Progress as my daily driver.

    It can also become a great travel razor using the Rockwell sheath.

    I can't recommend the 6S highly enough. If you're on the fence about it, just grab it and you won't regret your decision!
    The price is very, very competitive and in fact, is great value!




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  2. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Active Member Grand Society 2017 Sabbatical Fail 2018 Charity Auction Winner

    Great feedback review @nav1 also I'm starting on plate #3 tonight and see how this goes ;):)
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  3. silver

    silver Member

    Oh no, I better close this window before my RAD gets the better of me. Great write up mate. With pictures too! Thanks for sharing.
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  4. ~Spyne~

    ~Spyne~ Member

    Thanks for the review, this razor seems to be a great allrounder.
    Now if only my Super Adjustable and Muhle R89 would sell....
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  5. alfredus

    alfredus organises many group buys State Convenor - SA Group Buy Caporegime Charity Auction Team

    Many thanks for the fantastic write up @nav1 - can you please tell me what your favourite setting on your short handle Progress is?

    I mean the difference between fully closed and the setting you prefer for yous shaves - this is of course only if your numbers are nor aligned...
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  6. filobiblic

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    Great review @nav1
    I'd just recently read that the stainless steel in the Rockwell is the higher quality 316 (better than many others including premium SS razors!).
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  7. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    I set my progress to 2.5 and only use sharper blades. I don't ever go below gsb in terms of sharpness and I prefer the polsilver as it's sharper than gsb.

    The plate 4 on the rockwell would be very close to the progress setting but the rockwell is a bit more efficient at this setting so it's not a true apples to apples comparison.

    Overall, I'm pleased with the rockwell becoming my daily driver!
  8. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    Wow that's awesome!z
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  9. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    Please do let us know how you go.
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  10. Korbz

    Korbz Member

    I haven't touched any of my other razors since receiving the Rockwell, really can't talk highly enough of it. Great review!
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  11. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    Yeah, I'm also experiencing this!
    Four straight years with the progress and all of the sudden, I haven't touched the progress since the rockwell arrived!
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  12. SpeedyPC

    SpeedyPC Active Member Grand Society 2017 Sabbatical Fail 2018 Charity Auction Winner

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  13. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

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  14. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    I am also loving using the Rockwell head with my 110g Bulldog handle. The total razor weighs in at around 155 grams.
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  15. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    The more I use this razor, the more I love it!

    The merkur top cap makes the razor a bit more smoother but the original top cap provided a slightly close shave. I noticed the blade is slightly less exposed on the merkur top cap.

    Overall, this razor is a RAD killer for sure! I've found my preferred seeing (#4) and I'm done. I use this day after day and get bbs every time. No fuss, total comfort!!
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  16. Korbz

    Korbz Member

    Ditto, I've had to resort to looking at henckles nos razors on eBay lol
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  17. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    So my 6s is saving me money and yours is costing you more :D
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  18. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    I've been using plate #3 for the past few days and I'm surprised that it's not that much milder than #4 (which is my favourite).

    #3 requires maybe a couple more swipes here and there but overall, the results are still awesome!

    The #3 is on a separate handle and will become my dedicated travel razor.

    I'm also loving the 6S plates with the Merkur top-cap.
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  19. dewynter

    dewynter Member Grand Society

    Great review, @nav1!
    I think Rockwell R6S will be my next razor purchase. Unless I decide to go with Mühle R41 :D
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  20. nav1

    nav1 Active Member 2018 Sabbatical Fail

    The choice and preference is yours but I used both 2011 and 2013 R41 models and hated both of them.

    The 6S is buttery smooth in comparison and the actual R41 result for my fairly tough beard was achieved with plate #4 on the 6S.
    So IME, the 6S provides the same result with a lot more comfort. Plus the ability to choose the setting best for you. The R41 is either a love it or hate it razor.

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