Rockwell Model T Adjustable DE razor in White Chrome

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Nov 14, 2014
We are very proud to present this auction lot - generously donated by Vshod Shaving Shop

Please read the auction guidelines here before bidding.

International bidders: although basic international airmail shipping with basic tracking is included for this lot - due to the current COVID-19 situation affecting worldwide shipping please contact @alfredus before bidding to discuss other (recommended) options.

Australian bidders: this lot will be shipped free of charge within Australia - however it is strongly recommended that the auction winner purchases additional services such as insurance. If unsure please contact @alfredus before bidding.


The Rockwell Model T is an intuitive, easy to use razor, with an adjustable dial that allows everyone to easily get a close and comfortable shave every time. Works Perfectly with ALL brands of replacement Double edged Razor Blades. Perfect for beginners and experienced Shavers.
  • Quick Change Technology for changing Blades
  • Adjustable Blade Gap Dial on the Handle ( 1- 6 Settings )
  • All Metal / Chromed brass externals provide a timelessly appealing look. / Coated brass internal components ensure extreme durability.

Material: Brass, stainless steel, chromed zinc alloy
Razor Weight: 101 grams
Razor Length: 95mm
Handle Length: 89mm
Adjustability: Fluidly adjustable shave settings from R1 to R6 (and anything in between!)​
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