Rockwell Model T Update

Discussion started by Tony Forsyth, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. Korbz

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    Yeah, I forgot they changed the doors to zinc.

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  2. Ferret619

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    It's one of those things I guess, frankly I'd rather have Chinese brass than USA zinc alloy, personally I don't find pride in the country of origin if it means compromise on materials. That said I don't run a razor company so what do I know..
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  3. Same for me, it's about the quality ...... we assume if it says "made in USA" that the quality sets it apart from cheap compromises ...... but many Asian suppliers are making good stuff ...... my weishi razors are all brass ..... so yeah rather Chinese brass than US or German zinc ....
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  4. sealer

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    I herad rumors about this razor and rimei (and other chinese)....
  5. there is already a couple of chinese razor makers that do TTO in brass, so they have the tooling and processes, what they don't do is an adjustable TTO, that market seems to have died when gillette stopped making them ...... but tit couldn't haven hard to make once you set up the tooling.

    rimei ..... they seem to have 3 piece razors they claim are stainless and under $10 ..... I must order one to try.
  6. sealer

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    Sorry, I meant the Rockwell R1, not a three piece one.

    Have a look. First one is the Rockwell R1, the second and third ones are chineses

  7. Mark1966

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    I'd forgotten about the Model T under I was reminded at the meet up when I saw a Rockwell 6C

    Checking the Kickstarter site there was an update due December 8 (US time) but that has now been pushed back to next week.

    Any creative suggestions for excuses to justify further delays?

    Should be start a sweep on which month (year?) they will be shipped?

    Don't think I can bank on this as a Christmas present ...
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  8. Ferret619

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    It’s getting a bit silly huh, I mean how long can it take to copy a gillette?
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