Rockwell Model T Update

Discussion started by Tony Forsyth, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. GregP

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    Not commenting on the quality of the yet-to-be-delivered product, more about what has been a development cycle with design changes, materials changes, poor planning, multiple ‘Oops! That didn’t work!’ in the (pre-)production steps, delivery goal-posts that just kept moving.

    I mean, Gillette could make these with 1950’s technology, and here we are 60-odd years later struggling to recreate one.
  2. Snooze

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    I guess this says a lot about the gutting of the machining and manufacturing sectors in the USA (and Australia etc for that matter) since the 1970s. Gillette was also a much bigger concern I guess with more resources for R&D and manufacturing, as well as economies of scale.
  3. Sticky

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  4. pvsampson

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    Interested to see how this razor turns out.
  5. RustyBlade

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    Just noticed the blade tabs are enclosed. And the ends towards the bar are not tampered which means a big no go for me. No chance of going XTG under my nose and getting it all.
    Hope an owner/user can let me know it is like later on.
  6. Pbgoose

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    Yeah, your right, never noticed that before. That offsets the blade quite a distance from the end of the razor which as you say may not make XTG under the nose viable. That could be annoying. Surprised I hadn't read of this issue before now. Might not of been so much of an issue at it's original suggested price but as the price goes up so does expectation.
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  7. RustyBlade

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    My phone's autocorrect s@(ks balls :cry:
    Dictionary purging now. Sorry guys for the misinterpretations.
  8. pvsampson

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    That's not good.Nice razor but that would drive me batshit not having that blade go the full length.It makes it look incomplete and cheap.
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  9. pvsampson

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    Hmmm. I am starting to like it more and more despite the blade gap at the ends.Mingshi has the same and does not have any adverse effect when I use it.
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  10. tim33z

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    That’s interesting as I only found this thread late last night and seeing as though I ordered a model T last Thursday I was getting second thoughts. Glad to hear this may not be as big an issue in real world usage (y)
  11. pvsampson

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    It is a nice razor and it seems that Rockwell are going to make sure it is ready to go,unlike the REX Ambassador was.Main issue for me now would be the price increase as I won't be in the market for a new razor until mid July,that puts the cost to around $250.That is a lot of money for me and would be a once off spend.I could get a very nice straight for that,or an extra $70 and get the REX all stainless.Or Parker Variant and a reasonably nice straight.
    Bloody razors!! So many to choose from!
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  12. Mark1966

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    Get them all ...

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