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Discussion started by Bozley82, Nov 11, 2017.

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    Ok, i wouldn't call myself the worlds greatest reviewer but i'll do my best. If i have made any spelling or grammar mistakes i apologize.

    Firstly packaging. 10/10. Comes in a very sterdy slide box and even has a fabric pull tag. Looks classy. The razor sits tightly surrounded by foam and is very well protected.

    I was going to get the standard stainless one, which is cheaper but thought for a razor like this i may as well go all out.

    This thing is built like a tank.The finish of the razor is a dark metallic gray. The coating isn't thick like a chrome coating. You can still see the surface of the 316L stainless steel just with a shiny dark tint. I know Murat puts HOURS of work with his own two hands in to these razors. Just the base plate alone takes over 24 hours to machine and then theres many more hours spent hand finishing them. There are no machining marks, just a flawless finish, looks a million dollars.

    Murat designed the Elite to be used with nothing other than a feather blade. And i will never use anything but a Feather. Until now i thought all de blades were exactly the same. Apparently not. Prepare yourself for a struggle if you try to load any other blade into the Elite besides a Feather. You can get it in but it has to be forced in and you will need a screwdriver or similar to get it out. This is not a design fault and it will still shave perfectly. A feather on the other hand just drops straight in. The tolerances are tight. 0.01 of a mm tight. The Mambas 2 thousandth of an inch when converted to mm comes out at 0.05mm. Alignment is perfect without the need for manual adjustment. Just drop the blade in and screw on the handle. Done.

    The shave the Elite gives is nothing short of a game changer for me. I think a shave like this called for none other than Manuels Rosa Bourbon, so out it came. In the past i have been able to use feathers but am always left feeling a little raw. Not with the Elite. The best way i could describe shaving with it is effortless. With the Feathers super sharp edge and the heavy weight of the razor you simply let it slide down your face and it erases stubble like it was never there in the first place, singing loudly with every stroke. Even with such a solid head there was no issues getting up under the nose. The end result after three passes is BBS with ZERO irritation. Amazing.

    If you are looking for a new razor and have the near $300 to spend on one i think this will not disappoint. Murat is obviously an extremely talented machinist and makes an absolute top shelf product which is also very unique. Glad i took the punt. Definitely payed off.

    Thank you for reading. :)
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  3. Scotty

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    Great review mate and really hope you enjoy the razor long into the future, it's a beauty!
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  4. nav1

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    Great review!

    It's definitely a gorgeous razor!
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    Great review mate! Sounds brilliant.
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  6. Errol

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    Great review and I couldn’t agree more with Bozley82’s comments. I have been using the Matt finished version. I knew about it being designed for Feather blades but of course I loaded.Gillette. As Bozley said the blade hung up and the razor did not feel right. I would go so far as to say the blade was not lying flat. Load a Feather and the razor is transformed exactly as described.
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    That is SUCH a bummer and rules it out for me - I have too many lifetimes of blades to start again :)
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    Thanks boys. I really do appreciate the positive comments. :)
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    Great review @Bozley82 ! It is an amazing looking razor and sounds like it shave as well as it looks.
    I didn't realise blades had that much difference in their fit - thought they were all pretty much the same - guess not! Hope Feather doesn't change its manufacturing process :LOL:
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    Thanks @Snooze. :)

    Maybe i should take a leaf out of @nav1 book and buy 7000 feathers...
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