Schick Hydro cartridges

Feb 9, 2011
Rockhampton, CQ
I got a Schick Hydro or whatever their new one is in their free giveaway a while back. The wife really likes it on her legs, and the one free cartridge is nearly dead.

Where is a good place to buy the cartridges? Mensbiz doesn't have them.

Feb 13, 2011
i got one of the free promo ones too and REALLY like it.
was only JUST as i started DE shaving, and i still use it most workdays, saving DE for weekends or when i have spare time in the morning.

i jumped on eBay and found and aussie who had a couple of boxes of carts - 10x 4-packs, for $80. at $2/refill it's nowhere near as cheap as DEs but less than half the price of buying at the supermarket.