AUCTION CLOSED Set of four (4) Bootleggers Aftershaves (100ml each)


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Apr 26, 2011
We are very proud to present this auction lot - generously donated by @TomG
Please read the auction guidelines here before bidding.

International bidders: this lot is not available for international shipping.

Australian bidders: this lot will be shipped free of charge within Australia.

Set of four (4) Bootleggers Aftershaves

Carefully crafted from the original "Bootlegger's" recipes, see the history here, you will have your choice of four (4) varieties from:

Bootlegger's El Dorado
Bootlegger's Lime Bay Rum
Bootlegger's Arctic Lime
Bootlegger's Green Freeze
Bootlegger's Original Bay Rum
Bootlegger's Perfecto Virginia​

The aftershaves will be delivered in 100ml bottles with custom labels created by @TomG .
Three bottles will be the classic Okie Stubble Cholula bottles (see below), and the fourth will be a D.R. Harris aftershave bottle.
If the successful bidder has custom requests e.g. menthol or blend variations, @TomG is happy to try and accommodate.

Click here to read more about the variations and Tom's reviews.

Original Cholula bottles