AUCTION CLOSED Shaver Heaven Soaps x2

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Feb 2, 2011
I am proud to reach into my personal soap collection and present this auction lot

Please read the auction guidelines here before bidding, and note the additional auction conditions for this item below.

International bidders: This item can be shipped internationally, please add an additional AUD$15 for US, CA, UK, IE, and AUD$25 for other countries. Any remaining postage costs will be covered by me.

Australian & New Zealand bidders: This lot will be shipped free of charge to these countries.

NOTE: Due to work-related travel, his lot will be posted W/C 23rd July, 2018. If NZ residents intend to bid, please advise me directly via PM prior to 11th July so I can post from NZ prior to the above date.

I am offering two original-release soaps from Shaver Heaven as a single lot. Both of these are new condition, however have some age to them and the scents have diminished a little. The labels are a little worse for wear, however these need to be used and enjoyed, not put into a collection where they will age further.

With recent news of @Anthony closing down Shaver Heaven permanently, I agonised over the decision to offer these lots. My overarching policy for this is that I purchased (or otherwise traded/swapped) these soaps, the proceeds go to a fantastic charity instead of myself, and I doubt I will be able to use them in the next 12 months.

Tub 1 - Shaver Heaven Barbershop
Vegan Formulation, Forum Review. @Anthony's version of possibly the most classic scent profile in wet shaving. While not an overtly-powdery scent which turns many people off with other interpretations, he has controlled this and the dominant accord out of the tum is a mint-citrus with a touch of Lavender and Cedar/Musk underneath. Would pair with any classically scented AS or cologne.
Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Mint. Mid Notes: Sandalwood, Lavender. Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Cedarwood.

Tub 2 - Shaver Heaven Arctic Mango
Vegan Formulation. Considered a classic in these parts and the genesis of the 'Menth Dealer' and 'Menth Heads' banners. If you live in Darwin or Cairns and want something fruity and invigorating to shave with in summer, this is going to be your bag. You might also be a crazy, half-frozen Canberran/Tasmanian and want to show how manly you are and so lather this in August. Either way, it's good stuff and certainly one of the more creative scents that came from Shaver Heaven.
Top Notes: Citrus, menthol! Mid Notes: Mango, Peach. Base Note: Musk.

Tub 3 - Shaver Heaven Fig & Brown Sugar
With thanks to @borked for adding this into the pool. A sweeter, fruity scent but perfect for spring. I don't have the scent notes for this, but expect it to be as advertised on the tin.

Please note that SH use both Essential and Fragrance Oils in the majority of their scents.
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Nov 14, 2014
This lot is now open for bidding - please be generous and good luck (y)


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Two vegan and one tallow will give you a great idea.
Fig, Lemon, Passion fruit and Peach are the scent notes for this V3 tallow soap.
Enjoy and congratulations.
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