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Discussion started by sealer, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. sealer

    sealer Member

    I am not sure if this is the best place of the forum to say, but yes, I won a raffle made inan spansih shaving forum for getting some funds for unicef :)

    This is what I won:

    UFO goliat prototpype handle (Donated by Rafael-UFO)
    Weber head (an iconic one) and some blades to test it, donated by a fellow forum member
    Extro arancia italiana soap and splash, also from a fellow member
    brush BSB2 silvertip (Donated by the artisan maker)
    4 Myrsol products (donated by Myrsol family)
    MArtin de Candre Agrumes (by a fellow mate)

    I am more happy thinking on that we gather money to help those inocents (kids) that are having a bad time, or their families, but I cannot hide also my happiness for getting an unique set of high quality, and some, unique, products!!

    I am really happy :) :) , just wanna share my happiness!!!

  2. borked

    borked Shave, collect B&M pokemon, vodka, sleep, repeat Grand Society Group Buy Associate Da Menth Heads

    Pictures my friend, the crowd would like pictures to jealously admire your good fortunes :)
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  3. Greenpike

    Greenpike Member

    I too would love a pic. And info on where these cool raffles are.
  4. alfredus

    alfredus organises many group buys State Convenor - SA Group Buy Caporegime

    Congratulations and please do show us some pictures - especially of the UFO prototype (y)
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  5. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Artisan Producer Menth Dealer

    A fantastic win!!

    I would be interested in the Goliath Prototype, the Weber Head and the MdC as immediate acquisitions for cash if you find they are not to your liking :D

    I am always on the lookout for certain pieces for my collection :)
  6. sealer

    sealer Member

    So, this is the hardware I won:

    handle UFO Goliat
    steel 316L
    length 85 MM
    diameter 15 MM
    weight103 Grams



    Head weber:



    BSB2 shaving brush silvertip with knot 25 x 47,5



    the software will be posted once arrive home :D
  7. sealer

    sealer Member

    In spanish forums there are regular raffles for mantaining the forums (server etc). In , the one I am member, there are regular raffles, contests for different reasons, plus the "limited editions" of software and hardware that are quite regular. Some are as i said are for mantainance of the forum, others are just for members that colaborate with the forum mantainance, and others are just from donations of artisans, members etc. Some of them are free and others request some payment (the one I won had a cost of 5 Euros per number) This one started by UFO and Viala, a forum moderator, for gathering funds for Unicef, and people just added more hardware and software to complete the gift.
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  8. nav1

    nav1 Member 2018 Sabbatical

    Congrats mate!!
    What a great selection of products!
    Also, good work on the fund raising!
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  9. Snooze

    Snooze Active Member 2017 Sabbatical Fail

    Well done ! Great cause and a great prize (y)
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  10. sealer

    sealer Member

    Well, I wouldn't sell them but certainly there are ways in which you may try and enjoy. Hardware is different, and I will certainly not sell, as it is my first "real" hardware (besides the thing of how I got, becaose of good willing of people for gathering funds, and is amazing!!), but I am already using TOP software, so as it will travel already to Van Diemen's land, It could travel a bit around :D
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  11. todras

    todras est Français pour après-rasage Artisan Producer Menth Dealer

    I understand completely, consider my offer as standing :)
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