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Feb 2, 2011
Hi guys;

Took some time out over the last few days to make some serious changes to our hosting.

Although the hosting was relatively cheap for what was provided and hosted virtually as close as we could get to the Southern Cross Cable, the time has come to find P&C a new home. After a number of issues and some downtime, culminating last weekend in the control panels being hacked and their 'CEO' (using that term loosely) threatening suicide on one of the hosting forums, the position of P&C being hosted there was untenable.

As a result, I have moved my 'DNS & Mail Backup' server from Amsterdam to Seattle, which is the closest location to Australia in latency terms that they have. I increased the service to double what was previously provisioned, did a complete format & reinstall of the operating system and cPanel, and have now integrated it with the other servers.

P&C was moved this morning after I ran some test moves last night on other domains I host. Those ran smoothly and the cPanel transfer mechanism worked well.

Please make your comments in the feedback thread.
Not open for further replies.