Squadron - 'Dispatch Rider', this year with matching aftershave.


2018 Charity Auction Winner
Artisan Producer
Feb 16, 2015

Back again for a second year - 'Dispatch Rider', this time by popular demand from last year - a matching aftershave.

Scented only with essential oils, the idea for this soap came to me as I was riding my motorcycle through the Adelaide Hills and Barossa Valley one afternoon. We had a little rain earlier that morning, and the air was heavy with that moist, earthy scent, accented by a whiff of the spring flowers and I thought it would make for a great shaving soap.

'Dispatch Rider' has the same soap and aftershave bases we use for all our products, scented with Vetiver and finest French Lavender.

Take a ride with me across the countryside, and grab yourself some 'Dispatch Rider'!