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Discussion started by Korbz, Apr 4, 2016.

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  2. RustyBlade

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    Yep, worked for me. :pigeon:
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  3. alfredus

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  4. Dragosanni

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    Is this forum still on tapatalk?
  5. Pbgoose

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    I downloaded tapatalk and could not find Paste & Cut.
    I was thinking this was about photo hosting but Tapatalk was more about a feed for reading the forum? Read the other thread on Tapatalk and agree that safari on IOS is effective. Still not sure which way to commit to for photos if photobucket kicks me.
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  6. bald as

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    No tapatalk is not used on here anymore.

    ----- I don't think??
  7. bazman

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    Nice Fan!
  8. Korbz

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    I have many
  9. bazman

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